Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Something Ann forgot to add to her post...

Her platelets climbed to over 100 K/uL, specifically 139 today, which fulfills the final requirement for Ann to be in remission. So big Hurray! Now that we have that (and hope to hang on to it), plus the insurance approval all we need is the donor to test out healthy.


Anonymous said...

helo ann

good to hear you in remission and the insurance approval.
how's the knitting doing, post a pic when you are done.

keep up the good spirit


Anonymous said...

Wonderful new you two. I knew you could do this;your love by itself can get you through. I will be away for August but will try to find out how you are; won't have computer access. Will check in with my friend Miranda. Guys I have to click in as anonymous cause Ican't figure out how to do it the other way. This is judy (julindy) of the LLS board, and her husband John. We love you guys.

Tina said...

that is just the best news! you are so kickin butt.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Ann and Chris,

I'm following your fight against this stupid desease and I hope you'll be out of this journey soon!
I'm sending you a URL of another fighter who, apparently, now needs a miracle.... I don't know him, but he seems such a nice and good person. He is young and helps other young people and he needs help. I know you're not a doctor but I thought maybe you could suggest him a doctor or anything else. It is so heartbreaking to see him in this condition. His story touched me very much and I hope you could give him hope or whatever you can. Thank you so much...

I wish you health for the rest of your LONG life, both. Keep fighting and keep your more than gorgeous smile!


ps: I'm sorry for any eventual mistake, I'm from Brussels (now I live in Montreal) and speak French ;-)
re-p.s. ;-) : Chris, you are an amazing husband (with a gorgeous wife of course) !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cheering for you all along the way!!! :-D

((HUGS)) and prayers!

~Jeannette Hill

Anonymous said...

Thrilled to hear all the good news. Keep up the positive momentum!

Prayers and Blessings-