Thursday, July 31, 2008

As scheduled, I saw Dr. Thomas today and overall, my numbers look good. My liver enzymes are still elevated, which means that I'm blogging from the comfort of the apartment. I still couldn't be admitted to receive chemo. Rather, I can't get another dose of l-asparaginase until my liver enzymes are sufficiently close to normal. I have another appointment on Tuesday. By then, I'm hopeful that all is well.

Chris is concerned with how this delay will impact my transplant time line. I have to be free and clear of chemo for a minimum of two weeks before I can receive conditioning chemo for the transplant. Since I'm a late bloomer where l-asparaginase is concerned, he's worried that my reaction to this little cocktail will compromise my ability to receive the really heavy stuff. I'm not going to sweat it until I really have to. My take on the whole thing is: what if I get to skip the second chemo altogether in favor of sliding past GO and on to free parking? No harm in hoping.

We just got back after a twelve hour day in the clinics. My 4pm transfusion didn't start until 7pm and since I was receiving two units of whole blood, I was at the mercy of the blood bank. Kids, if you haven't already, go donate. Every one is in short supply and I know of patients who have had to put off transfusions because the blood just wasn't available. You can make more and think of what you could be doing while you're donating. Reading, studying, napping, what have you. Even more of a bonus, you usually get juice and cookies. Just think about it.

I'm really tired, so I'm blathering. Off to make pillow imprints.

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pj said...

What a long day! My dear, I passed go and went directly to free parking (is that really another term for a transplant? well, you are pretty much parked ...)with no regrets and most importantly, no harm. My doc thought about slipping in extra chemo between induction (ended July 7 with remission declared late July) and transplant, but then worried it might impact tx conditioning (started on Aug. 29). Hope you get some rest today.