Thursday, July 3, 2008

Look out Thunderbucket!

My nurse just started my pre-meds in anticipation of my first bag of chemo. I had just finished a robust dinner of brown meat on a bun--yummy, and taken my pills. Within seconds I was reaching for the everpresent bucket. Dinner reappeared in a new and liquid form.

The pre-meds were ones that I've had dozens of times before. A combination of zofran and a steroid. As soon as they hit my system, it was everyone for themselves.

As soon as I stopped throwing up I began to itch uncontrolaby from the neck down. I literally felt like an army of bugs was staking claim to me.

The nurses have never seen anything like this and we reassured them that this has never happened to me. The help with the sonic itching, I've been given a bag of benadryl. Sweet relief! Now only the big toe on my left foot itches. Of course, this now means that I'm ready for another nap thanks to the benadryl.

Chris suspects that DUC 8676 is fighting back. If he is, great. If he needs a road map to the cancer, just follow the flurescent chemicals to the marrow. You've been there once before, maybe you just lost your way.

Sitting before me in all of its golden splendor is a cup of Sporanox. I thought that I was done with this evil potion. Argh! I have to wait two hours after eating before I can take it. Since I threw everything up, I wonder if it matters. I'm going to take it and live dangerously.

I'll probably pass out in a few minutes. Chris may be tomorrow's blogger since I might feel a little wonky after a splendid cocktail of life prolonging chemo.


Anonymous said...

yeah...benadryl has always been a good itch reliever.

this may have been repetitive but i really hope that u'll do just fine, just like last time, or even's hard to kinda repeat things again, especially when its not a good ones..but i know u'll be as strong as usual and with chris beside,will be just great.

u'll always be in my thoughts n prayers.


Anonymous said...

Ann, with Chris by your side you will do well. Second time can be the charm. Just name him The Bucket Brigadeer. I truly believe you are going to come through this one with a long term victory. The chemo may be nasty but it has a job to do. Let them medicate you with whatever you need to feel comfortable. My husband and I think of you all the time. I have a special bond to Chris because I am the spouse of the husband I adore more than life itself and the anxiety for the spouse is just unreal. I have, too felt like I needed to be peeled off from the ceiling. Concentrate on your love for eachother. Cancer cannot compet. Fond wishes, Judy in NJ and her husband John