Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We've been without a solid internet connection for some time now, so I have to apologize for the infrequency of posts.

Last week was patently horrible and I really didn't want to blog about it, but I feel honor bound to in the hopes that someone else going through something similar will benefit.

I ended my hospital stay last week with the worst lumbar puncture that I have ever experienced. It actually hurt so much that I started tearing up. That has never happened before. The APN performing the procedure refused to elevate the bed to a better height and ended up hunched over trying to get it right. She kept scraping my vertebrae which caused all of the pain. It was unbelievable and I let her know it hurt. That will be the last time she ever gets near me.

I've received the first round of modified Hyper-CVAD with the addition of l-asparaginase. The l-asparaginase is brutal. I got an extra dose of it as an outpatient on Thursday and will receive it again this Thursday. I vomited constantly from the moment I received it and couldn't stop for two more days. I ended up losing 5 pounds and getting dehydrated. The nausea has mostly abated, but I know it will be back with a vengeance with the next dose.

I've spent most of my time immobile or sleeping since the chemo has hit me a little harder this time around. I'm drinking 2-3 liters of fluid in order to stay as hydrated as possible. This has helped cut down on the number of infusions I have to receive.

The emergency room doctor elected not to keep me since my fever didn't qualify as a neutropenic fever. This means a sustained temperature of 100.5 for two hours. I was given multiple IV antibiotics and an oral antibiotic to take on the outside.

Dr. Thomas informed me that one of my cultures came back positive for a urinary tract infection. The same thing happened last year. She prescribed a new antibiotic today to take care of it. At least we now know why my temperature has been fluctuating so much.

I'm in good spirits overall, so don't think that just because I'm not blogging I'm down. I just can't get an internet connection on a reliable basis. We're hoping to have that resolved this Thursday. Fingers crossed.

Thank you for all the positive thoughts and prayers. I hope I'm putting them to good use. :)


Tina said...

I'm happy to see a post from you. Sounds like you are in the thick of it now. I never thought I would hear/see the words "scaping my vertebrae". You deserve a metal. Seriously.
Keep fighting, Love ya lots!

Anonymous said...

Lots of positive thoughts sent your way. Tell that nurse to stay away from you - No scraping vertebraes allowed!! Hang in there and keep fighting. Love ya, Susan

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you, Ann. Postive thoughts and prayers for you.


Kunal said...

Have I mentioned before that you are simply amazing?
love you,

Susan Carrier said...

It's a good thing that you're a strong, stubborn, spunky woman to get you through all of this.

So happy to read that your spirits are good overall in spite of everything.

Anonymous said...

One of the very few people who bounce back with phenomenal vigor everytime they are bombarded with challenges....you go girl!!!! Sending love and prayers your way.

Kacie (Facebook group) said...

Glad you're staying positive, Ann! Please let us know in your posts if there is anything we can do to help.

Clanc from LLS said...

I am in awe of your strength and grace.