Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sorry for the lateness of this post. I've been wheeled to every corner of this hospital having tests done to establish a base line for Dr. Thomas to work from. I had an echo cardiogram in which I saw the end of my catheter bouncing around in my heart. It was creepy to say the least and in addition to that, my heart looked like a clapping fetus from one angle. Creepy.

I had a lumbar puncture that finished up around 2:15 and since I'd been given a lovely bag of ativan prior to the procedure, I was inclined to sleep for the rest of the afternoon. That was my first dose of intrathecal chemo. I believe it was methyltrexate flavored.

The rest of the chemo should be coming up any time now. I think we're just waiting on the pharmacy. Since these doses are so much more potent than the first ones, I'm not sure of how I'll be feeling later.

Dinner just arrived. Something in brown sauce with a side of cream gravy, I believe.

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Anonymous said...

Well I had a feeling the treatment would be horrible but no idea you would be dealing with such an epicurian aventure of the nameless sauce kind.