Thursday, August 28, 2014


I don't know what to say. I didn't think this would be as hard as it has been. I stopped eating solid foods a few weeks ago and have had a very hard time getting back on the horse. The problem is a combination of nausea/vomiting, lack of taste/appetite, psychological.

I don't remember food being this difficult during transplants, but that could be distance painting a rosier picture than what was. To be totally honey, hydrating is a problem too. And these make for a bad pairing.

The last time I was at MDA, my creatinine was 1.6. Normal is between .6-1.o. I've always fallen below the low end of normal, which means healthy kidneys. My transplant doctor asked me to have more blood work done the following week. My creatine was slightly worse. Dr. B. suggested that I was dehydrated and suggested IV fluids. I acquiesced.

The following week I saw Dr. B. again and things were much the same. I confessed my inability to sufficiently eat or drink. He reassured me it was all normal and that things would be better by the second and third week. In the interim, he's prescribed a short course of steroids to help me with what's causing the nausea/vomiting.

I'm slowly trying to get back to solid foods. It's harder than you'd believe. Chris has been very patient with me. I know it's very difficult to see the person you love unable to do the things that you take for granted every day. I'm hoping to give a better report in a few weeks. Hopefully I can start eating normally before too long.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Finished, Maybe?

I had my final radiation treatment on Wednesday. 33 in total. As for what happens now, I don't really know.

My creatinine levels are compromised, so I have to have blood work done locally next week. My transplant doctor has suspended some drugs just in case. The chemo drug I was receiving is known to be unkind to kidneys.

I'm off of solid foods due to my throat and mouth hurting so much. I can't taste anything, either, so it is a strange experience. The next 2 weeks are crucial to my healing. The skin around my neck is a very dark red in addition to peeling and stinging. I'll need to consume enough calories and protein to help it all heal in the meantime.

Most of my time is spent sleeping. The fatigue from radiation is mind numbing. As appointments appear on my schedule, I'll keep you all informed of what happens next.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Eight Days

I have eight radiation sessions left. Eight. It seems so insignificant to write it out, but those eight sessions feel like they'll never be over. There's also one chemo left. I don't know what happens after that last session with the electron gun. This is so very different from blood cancer.

The sense of urgency isn't there. There's no mad rush to get things done. Treatment happens at a slower pace and it makes me a little crazy. Once I know what will happen, I know I'll feel better about everything. I've already been warned that the effects of radiation will continue for 2-3 weeks after that final session. My skin has broken down on the right side where I'm getting a larger dose of radiation. It is most uncomfortable and very unsightly. I can't imagine it getting much worse, but I've seen pictures.

All of this is so foreign. I wish I could give you all more details, but I'm as much in the dark as you all are. There will be a PET scan at some point after the final treatment to see if radiation and chemo have killed the cancer. Fingers and toes crossed.