Sunday, July 27, 2008

That strange disconnect that happens when you get chemotherapy has finally emerged. There's a stutter between my brain and my body. I can't taste salt or pepper and everything has an unbearable sweetness. You already know about the digestive shut down.

Since I received vincristine with my first round of chemo, the neuropathy is back in my fingers. There's a light numbness that starts at my first knuckle. Dr. Thomas wants to hold off on the Lyrica for it, though. She feels that if it really isn't interfering with my day to day life, then I should try to avoid having to take one more medication. Fine by me.

I'm feeling just a little under the weather today. I'm sure it has something to do with the Enulose I'm taking. I'm also getting a little nauseated day by day. I think it's more psychological than anything. I know I'll be getting some crazy chemicals next week and I think it's affecting my disposition--not my attitude. I just don't like vomiting--who does--and it's making me a little cranky.

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