Friday, July 25, 2008

So, the inevitable happened. My digestive system shut down just like clock work. This happens every time I do chemo and it drives me absolutely crazy.

If it's not one extreme, it's the other. When I talked to Dr. Thomas about it yesterday, she got a little smile on her face and advised me to pull out the big guns. The Enulose was dutifully taken and I'm getting back on track. That's all you need to know about that. Aren't you glad you stopped in to look?

I'm finding that being a relapse patient is very different from doing this the first time around. When you're first diagnosed, you find yourself swirling in a welter of too much information, just trying to keep afloat. There's a hard edge of caution that taints everything that comes into contact with you. There are so many things that you can't do, and so few that you want to that it starts to grate.

The second time around, I'm finding things a little easier. My doctor has placed fewer restrictions on me. I'm not jumping in fear of children or plants. I'm allowed to eat more foods. Today, I managed to help Chris make gumbo, which I wouldn't have even tried the first time around. Chris is ensuring that I'm doing more for myself. Tomorrow, I plan on folding all of the laundry.

We don't have any appointments until Tuesday. How strange is that? A year ago, I was going into clinic every day. My numbers are holding and Dr. Thomas is pleased. I'll be re-admitted on Tuesday for my next round of chemo. Maybe, by then we'll have more news about my possible donor. God willing, it all works out.


Jim said...

Sounds like lots of progress is being made ... good news. We're praying for the news of a donor.

Anonymous said...

"I put it in Your hands, Lord. Whatever is Your will, I'm turning it all over to You. Whatever is Your will. I will do whatever You tell me to do. I give it all to You".

Have faith, Ann. This prayer has helped me many, many times, including now. I have said this prayer countless times today alone!

Say this prayer, then have faith and don't worry. Let Him handle it. Put it in His hands.


PriestessT said...


Glad to hear you and Chris are finding joy in every good moment you have. Stay positive and Kick Cancer's Ass!


Susan Carrier said...

I hope your digestive problems didn't interfere with your enjoyment of the gumbo. Yum - there's nothing like homemade gumbo.

So happy to read tha things are a "little easier" second time around.