Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Half Way Through First Cycle


Anonymous said...


again i'm the first.both of u look little bit off (tired).but i know u've been busy these two days and i hope the chemo effect will not be as bad and bearable.

i always got problem when u do video blogging coz i got hearing impaired on my left ear (thanks to Ara C) and had to set on high volume.but its ok, i manage to listen to all + some lip reading.

continue to send +ve thoughts and prayers to both of u


Nancy said...

Ann & Chris, glad you are settling in. Enjoy your day off... enjoy each other, think happy thoughts...
I'm thinking of you both constantly! Take care, love n

Kacie (Facebook group) said...

Definitely time for some good news so Chris can shave the beard :-)

Thanks for letting us know that we can still donate to the transplant fund and please post if there is anything else you guys need us to do. You are both a huge inspiration to me and your courage has amazed me every day since I joined Paige's group.

One question (if it's not too personal) - has there been any explanation for what caused the relapse? Or is it just one of those things that can't be explained?

Anonymous said...

Just thinking about y'all and checking in daily. Hope all is well.
Claire in TX (but LSU native!)