Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I had a really nice surprise waiting for me yesterday when we came back to the apartment for a short break between appointments.

My friend Nancy had sent a package! I am a total package freak, it's true. I get excited about getting checks that I've ordered. It's so easy to keep me happy.

Inside I found a very sassy shirt that proclaims, "CANCER SUCKS". That's right, Cancer, you already know how I feel about you, but now the world can know that I have an attitude about it!

Thanks, Nancy!

I'll take a picture of it and hopefully will post it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I think it is only fair that Nancy send *us* shirts that say "Ditto!" in support!

Jim said...


You're doing great through a tough stretch. No one is surprised. Stay on it and keep punching.


Nancy said...

I just got back and am reading all your latest postings. You are welcome for the shirt!!! And to Carilou... "ditto" shirts would be great! (since Ditto pants are a thing of the past...haha.. yes, I'm dating myself!)

Take care all. love nancy