Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Starting Over Again

Day 2

Side Note:

Little Wooden Boy M.D.

Call Hula Hula, or the King and get my number. I would like to talk to you again.
We could use another friend right now.



pj said...

Chris, just watched the video. Powerful. The 9/10 mismatch sounds like a good possibility now. That's one of the choices I had, along with cord blood. Give Ann a hug for me.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you Ann and Chris. We are going to get through this together. I hope that that 9/10 match comes out of the woodworks asap. Also Project Michelle has gotten over 10K people registered over the last 2 months (95% are asians). I am praying that we will both find matches from one of those lovely potential donors.

Much love,

Nancy said...

Chris & Ann, Great Video. A3M is aware of your current situation. They have been registering new potential donors for Krissy Kobata. She is also of mixed ethnic backgrounds. Maybe something will come of these donor drives for you, too! In the meantime, lets smoke out that 9/10 match!!!! Love You Both, Nancy

Judy and John Lindahl said...

Ann and Chris, we are all pulling for you. A second transplant is not impossible. Just think of it as a transplant with all the great chances it has to cure you. A good friend has had a great response to a transplant with a MUD for ALL. You just need to start from square one. Keep up your courage and take it one day at a time. Believe it will all turn out alright. You need to encourage eachother to be positive and strong. You have loads of people sending you love and light. Judy and John

Wiley said...

Chris, Anne; we're pulling for you up here. You're in our hearts and prayers.


Wiley & Mara

Anonymous said...

Would love to talk to you, too. I don't have those losers' email addresses, but you can reach me at:



Bonnie said...

Doggone it, I just want to give you both big ol' hugs. Add another heart to your collection!