Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I saw my leukemia doctor a little while ago and she outlined a preliminary plan while test results are still pending. Let me reiterate: a lot of tests are still pending.

As it stands, it looks like this is a relapse. It's just presenting in a different way. A pathologist detected the t(4;11) translocation on my chromosomal test. This means that I will eventually have to have another transplant. We'll cross that road when we get to it.

Dr. Thomas wants to start chemotherapy tomorrow. I'll be doing a more intense version of Hyper-CVAD with the addition of one more carrying agent. I can't remember its name right now. I'm scheduled to get a new picc line put in my arm later today. This time around I was given the choice between a central line or a picc line. Not a hard decision.

I really appreciate all of the comments and the support. Don't count me out. I'll leave you with a funny anecdote my dad used to tell me about when I was a baby.

Years ago when we were living in Thailand and I was one or two I stopped breathing and started turning purple and blue. My terrified parents rushed me to the army base hospital . The staff doctor examined me and informed my dad that nothing was wrong with me. My dad was a blunt New Englander who wasn't afraid of confrontation. (Now you know where I get it from.) He insisted that the doctor check again. Begrudgingly, he did and returned with the same diagnosis. This time my dad cornered him and said, "Bullshit, check her again." The doctor checked me a third time and by now his hackles were up. He came out and confronted my dad, saying, "The only thing wrong with your kid is that she's an asshole. Now go home."

It turns out that I was holding my breath until I turned purple because I was throwing a tantrum. When I was out of sight of my parents and with the doctor, I breathed normally. Hehe.

Moral of the story is that I'm tenacious and as far as this cancer is concerned, it can kiss my purple bottom.


Tina said...

I love that story.

Anonymous said...


I think Cancer is the asshole and you should kick it's butt - Stay strong and keep fighting this beast

Jennifer aka Clanc from LLS
Tampa FL

Susan Carrier said...

What a pistol you were (and are)! I feel SOOO much better after hearing that story. I just wish those cancer cells were simply trying to fake us out.

Anonymous said...

It's the assholes who come out on top, Ann. Consider it a blessing. We're pulling for you in Virginia.

L. Wooden Boy, M.D.

Kunal said...

Hi Ann,
I had two transplants too. The frist one didn't graft, no w the second one did. However, I am still a baby, in transplant terms! I am on day 125 post transplant. However, if you have any queries I could try and answer them to the best of my knowledge.
You have spunk and that is what gets us through. Keep it up. You are in my thoughts.

Chris said...

Little Wooden Boy M.D.

Call Hula Hula, or the King and get my number. I would like to talk to you again.

We could use another friend right now.


Anonymous said...

hi ann

it's a gd story.i really hope u r doing and feel fine despite of what's happening now.u r one of my inspiration.i agreed with Jen, kick those cancer's butt


Anonymous said...


I think you're awesome. You will be in my prayers everyday. You are tough and can get through this. Just take it day by day or hour by hour or minute by minute if you have to, but hang in there and get through it. Everyone is pulling for you!!!

Lots of love from (Caroline's friend) Audra, writing to you from Miami.