Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 5

Some news to report today. Ann's peripheral blast count has fallen to 0% on her CBC from this morning. Still no word on what the spots are, everything from a bruise to sweet's syndrome to leukemia cutis is in the differential right now. Doctor Thomas doesn't seem too concerned with it, but she is more focused on reducing the leukemia burden than on a "skin condition".

Still no word back from the charity apartments, so we will be moving into a hotel probably for the next two or three weeks until the next round of chemo starts. Hopefully after that we will have more "permanent" living arrangements.

Tomorrow is the much anticipated meeting with our transplant doctor. I expect/require a fairly definitive explanation as to how this situation occurred and a comprehensive plan to both address it and prevent a recurrence in the future, or we'll fire her and move onto another doctor.


diannew67 said...

OMG. I have been reading your blog for a few months. I am so inspired by Ann and so excited to see that your life was getting to a "normal place".

Why does this happen???

I ask that everyday since March 13th when my 30 year old 2 month pregnant daughter was diagnoised with ALL Ph+1. She is having a stem cell transplant July 23. She was lucky to find a donor. She is so torn up over the fact that she has to have TBI. She knows that means no more children.

I hope she will half as much strength as Ann does to get her through this.

Chris you are amazing and honest. It is hard to find God in a world with so many wonderful people suffering with this disease. They say to have faith but it is hard. We are lucky that my daughter and her husband have a 2 1/2 year old son. He is a great comfort to all of us.

Chris I know it is hard for you to find logic in all of this. I am married to an engineer and he is having a rough time trying to understand everything.

Take care of each other and I know lots of people are sending you good thoughts.

Chris I cried so hard when I watched you video. You do truly Love Ann. That love will get her through this.

Susan Carrier said...

I also cry whenever I watch Chris on the video. His love for Ann is so unmistakably deep and fierce that it makes me weep every time.

Nancy said...

I third the above comments. Plus, everytime I talk to Chris and Ann, it is evident that their love is strong and will carry them through this next challenge.

Congrats on the blasts being 0% in her peripheral blood. That's good news right there! If they can get you into remission, how long before they can perform a bone marrow transplant? Have they tried to contact that 9/10 donor, yet? My donor was 9/10!!! Plenty good!

I was wondering about your living arrangements there. Hope you can find something soon.

Keep us posted. I looked up leukemia cutis because I never heard of that before. It's interesting and I'm hoping that's not what you have! Hang in there.
love, nancy

Kacie (Facebook group) said...

Hi Ann and Chris,

When Ann had the first transplant, there was a place for us to donate to help fund the surgery. Is there anywhere that we can be donating at this point to help fund current treatments or to help with your expenses? Or should we just donate to the Southeast Bone Marrow Transplant Fund? You are both in my prayers and I know you will get through this.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Kacie's question about how we can help. Be specific.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Kacie's question about how we can help. Be specific.