Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I have to admit that I was feeling a little lazy yesterday, so this morning I had to get up a little early to pack my bags for my upcoming hospital stay. We dutifully showed up for labs this morning and got a few happy surprises when we ran into old friends from the first time around.

We had a few hours to kill before our appointment with Dr. Thomas, so we ran errands within the giant compound that is MD Anderson, then settled down in the leukemia center for a bit of a wait.

I had assumed based on prior experiences that I'd be admitted sometime around 9 pm to start my next round of chemo. It would appear that I won't be admitted today, after all. My blood work came back a little wonky. Wonky, you ask? Yes, it's an antiquated medical term that's fallen out of fashion.

My liver enzymes are seven times as high as they should be. Dr. Thomas explained that it's probably drug related--more specifically, l-asparaginase related. I potentially could be one of those people who has a delayed reaction to it. The crux of the situation is that because I'm having this reaction, I can't have another dose of l-asparaginase until my liver numbers subside. Dr. Thomas gave me two options: 1) Go into the hospital today and start chemo, but skip a dose of l-asparaginase; 2) Wait until Thursday, and do some more blood work. Since I'm not a doctor and I have absolute confidence in Dr. Thomas, I threw the ball back into her court. She opted to keep me out of the hospital and wait until Thursday.

If my numbers are still elevated, she'll do a full workup to try and divine what's going on. I've promised not to snort Tylenol between now and then. If things start to subside, I'll be back in Thursday night to do round 2. It's not such a bad deal.

I'm off to finish knitting a baby gift for Caroline...because I have to start thinking of something for Heather. Congrats you guys!

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