Monday, June 30, 2008

What a day. Before the mystery berry barium made it into my room one of my favorite people from the bone marrow aspiration clinic popped in loaded for bear. Terry surprised me with the news that I'd be getting the BMB on the spot. It was a little more uncomfortable than usual, but I attribute that to the smallish stature of the woman performing the actual "punch". Terry was assisting on this one.

As soon as they left the room, my nurse delivered two canisters of frosty barium. At precisely the same moment, my food showed up. I had placed the order before any one had a firm time for the scan. Since you can't eat three hours before a CT scan, I had to stare longingly at my breakfast/lunch while I slurped on a gritty whitish slime. Did I mention that I'd been fasting all day and was starving?

The CT scan took forty minutes, which doesn't include time spent waiting. I made it back upstairs in one piece, only to be met by a phlebotomist who'd been waiting to get a few samples. If any one's counting, this was my third draw for the day. It all has to be taken from my left arm since the IV is in my right arm. It would appear that the two other draws didn't include EBV tests and that was the reason for lucky number three. Who knows when we'll get the results since the vials have to be sent to a lab in California for analysis. Add in the holiday weekend and I'm thinking there's going to be an increased wait time.

I should remain unmolested for the rest of the evening; save for the taking of vitals in four hour increments and IV changes. Can't get enough of that crazy saline. Actually, because of the quantity of iodine injected into me, it's a good thing I'm getting the extra fluid. My kidneys need all the help they can get.

Our friend Nancy called in the midst of all this to catch us up on what's going on with her. She's two years post BMT and she's been such an inspiration and friend to us. She's had a cough for a few weeks and some difficulty breathing and her local doctor has been treating her. Today she found out that she has pneumonia, so please send as many positive thoughts as you can to her. We're both in a bit of a pickle with our predicaments and I'm just hoping that we'll both resolve quickly with no complications.

We're anxiously awaiting preliminary results from the bone marrow biopsy. The whole of the test won't be back for a few weeks, but they should know blast counts, etc., in the next day or so.

We asked Dixie to move forward on the closing of the house for us, but there's been a snafu on the part of the lender. We've been hounding them mercilessly to be sure that they had everything that they needed in the hopes of avoiding this situation. Our title company still didn't have the loan packet as of this morning and when Chris called they informed him that a third party hadn't turned in some paperwork. They needed his last employer to verify employment and because the one guy still at the office sat on it for a week before sending it off, Chris's dad didn't receive it until today. In addition to all of this the lender wants a copy of some of my bank statements since I'll be handling closing costs. They knew that from the beginning and only thought to ask for it today. They also want a letter from Chris stating why he left his last job. This one's going to be a winner.

I know the credit market is scary these days and banks are only protecting their best interests, but give me a break. If they need to know my blood type, we're screwed because I still haven't fully transitioned over from A positive to B positive. The closing has been put off until next Monday and I'm afraid that we're still going to have to impose upon Dixie to handle the closing for us. I don't know what we'd do without her. First she has to handle the selling of our townhouse and now she has to facilitate the closing of the new house. She definitely gets the best mother of the year award.

So now you're caught up as far as I can remember. When I get some news, I'll post again. It'll probably be Tuesday afternoon or evening. I'll go ahead and confess now that I'm fighting a powerful urge to call Dr. Anderlini Dr. Anderweenie just to see if I can get away with it. This place must really be getting to me.


Susan Carrier said...

Hi, I'm back from a road trip to SF and catching up on all the happenings. You are still cracking me up with your comments about getting molested and calling Dr. Anderlini "Anderweenie." Oh, please do it so that I can live vicariously!

Nancy said...

Ann & Chris, I'm sorry. I just got back from a four-day trip to Central California where our sons played basketball and we enjoyed friends and family. I feel badly that I didn't know you were going through all of this. You caught me off guard today when you told me about your situation. I probably caught you off-guard, too. Get better, I plan on doing the same. Keep in touch. love ya, nancy

Tina said...

hehheh, dr. anderweenie. silly.