Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm supposed to be calling utility companies and getting services established, and since it's one of my least favorite things to do, I'll just blog instead.

I've been having a minor GvH flare up lately, which leads me to believe that the baby stemcells are done playing with strange viruses and bacteria and reverting to attacking my skin. This morning I discovered another rash on my chest to add to the rashes on the backs of both ankles and knees, the two on my abdomen, the ones on both upper arms, and the one on my right calf. I'm sure its mirror image will show up on my left calf in the next few days. At least the stemcells share my need for symmetry. It's just a minor nuisance and doesn't get in the way of my day to day living. Most of the shades are drawn just to be safe, since exposure to sunlight can sometimes make these things worse.

The ever present GvH on my fingers has ratcheted up on my right index finger. It looks like I've been gnawing on it. It's constantly red and there are small plaques of scabs across the top of the finger. The finger is also the latest victim of paronychea. Trust me, I know these are very small complaints in the big scheme of things.

Chris's sister is coming into town Friday and we're looking forward to visiting with her and the kids before they make the big move to Vancouver.

I've submitted an application for re-entry into LSU and am waiting with baited breath to hear something. I got a little warning that I'm not in compliance with their vaccination policies which gave me quite a chuckle. I'm hoping that they can overlook this considering my circumstances. I've asked my transplant doctor to write a letter on my behalf explaining the situation, so I'm just waiting on that. I'm a little anxious about having to really engage my brain again. I went from being the kid who really didn't need to study to needing everything repeated a thousand times. It should be interesting. At this point, I'd just be happy to graduate with the minimum grade point average required. I won't stress about it.

As for the house...Angela called Chris with a confirmation for the Monday closing. When it all happens, I'll post pictures, etc. I'm just loathe to tempt fate.

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pj said...

Ann, your new life begins...Don't worry about the school thing. Even with chemo brain you'll be sharper than most of the youngins you'll encounter. And your professors will love you, and welcome your unique perspective. My newly-minted professor niece says most 18 year olds are pretty dull on all fronts.

I'll keep my fingers crossed on that possible Monday event.