Monday, June 23, 2008

I can't be certain, but I suspect some little corner of hell involves buying real estate as a punishment.

My agent is spot-on amazing, the house we want needs very minimal work and is not in a flood zone. Chris is quite pleased with the lack of yard. I love that the house is close to three drugstores and two major grocery stores and interstate access isn't too far away. What more could we want? What could possibly go wrong?

That shrill cackling you might be hearing is me laughing my head off.

House drama.

Chris has been doing due diligence and talking to the mortgage lender every day just to be sure that things are moving in the direction that they need to be. He was assured that things were indeed headed in that direction. We're scheduled to close next Monday. We even picked up a few things that we'll need to do a few minor repairs.

Today, Chris was tied up in meetings at work, so I was in charge of talking to our lenders. A little voice told me to check in with the title company and the company writing our home owner's insurance policy. I felt organized and in charge. Almost like a real, live adult. The insurance company hadn't heard from the title company and needed a few things faxed over before the policy could be written. The title company couldn't fathom that the insurance company needed anything. The mortgage lender was waiting on the underwriter who couldn't move forward because they were missing key documents. I was on hold for 22 minutes listening to the most God awful ode to commercialism. This company actually commissioned a song heralding their merits and why they should be your lender and it was all set to a bluegrass tune. Each time it repeated, I started to feel less inclined to ever do business with them again. The hold music actually triggered some primitive mechanism in my brain and I started to get angry.

The long and the short of it is that I know that the key documents had been faxed/emailed to the pertinent parties involved over three weeks ago. I'm guessing some one has a messy desk and probably mislaid a few things.

I've been assured that we're still on schedule to close on time. I'm trying to psyche myself up so that I'm not disappointed if the closing is delayed.

On the bright side, I don't have any medical drama to report, and isn't that really what's important?


Nancy said...

I'm sorry things are not going smoothly.... but then again, aren't we used to that? Oh, the joys of home ownership (or trying to gain ownership)!

I'm glad there are no health issues. The stress is probably scaring away an health complications! (At least that how is seems here, at times)

Take care of yourself in the midst of all this chaos! love, n

Susan Carrier said...

Ahhh. . . you're already experiencing the joys of home ownership, even before closing escrow.

Good follow through! It sounds like you got the ship back on course.

Tina said...

Good Lord...aside from my extreme terror of being anchored to a place by home ownership, what you are going through just trying to buy the house sounds so frustrating that I think I can safely say no to owning.

The most important thing really is that you are healthy right now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the you getting the house smoothly.

Susan Carrier said...

Have you seen this engineer's guide to cats? It's hilarious and will give you six+ minutes of diversion from the closing crapola.

Ann said...


That video is hilarious! Chris is a ME and he laughed his head off. If I catch Chris hooking the cats up to baloons and volt meters, I'll know who to blame. :)

Anonymous said...

real estate is too stressful i could only skim the blog before my heart racing. the very thought...

hope all goes well.