Monday, June 2, 2008

It's not a party until someone throws up

Day +368

WBC 12.3 K/uL (!!!)
RBC 4.37 M/uL
HGB 13.9 G/dL
PLT 484 K/uL
ANC 8.4 K/uL (!!!)

It all started Saturday with a cough, which became a tickle in the throat, then a fever. I never honestly felt under the weather, but a cough is a cough and so I started monitoring my temperature. It went up steadily until Sunday, when it peaked at 100. I had a doctor paged at my local hematologist's office and he phoned in some levaquin to get the ball rolling. My doctor was kind enough to shoe horn me in today for a few tests including blood work and a chest x-ray.

My white blood cells were elevated and to put my mind at ease, Dr. Bienvenu ordered a slide so he could have a look at what was going on. The cells turned out to be mature neutrophils and not blasts which put Chris's mind at ease. My lungs were clear as far as the x-ray went.

As Dr. Bienvenu put it, I probably caught a kiddie bug. Kids must be the most resilient creatures on earth to keep bouncing back from these strange infections. I know I have the immune system of a one year old, but it's fighting to keep a 33 year old illness free. The body is a traitor as you wave good-bye to your twenties.

As a preventative measure, I have to take valtrex twice a day for the next week and as a salve to my irritated throat I get to take a prescription cough syrup. Hello narcolepsy.

I had a very lovely "birthday" replete with cards from friends and a surprise dinner with Chris. We had a nice dinner at the Maisonette Brandt followed by hot fudge Sundays at home. Honestly, the secret to my heart is a cake purchased from a grocery bakery. Yes, I know what the frosting is made of and yet my palate yearns for the overt sweetness layered over dry yellow cake. No, I would not eat shortening out of a can, but I might consider it if you mix in some icing sugar. I'm just saying. If there is communal cake and icing is missing, it's usually because of me.

I have another birthday coming up in October, so there's still another chance at cake. I know I can just buy myself one, but I'd feel weird about eating the entire thing.

I'm getting plenty of rest and filling up on fluids while I frantically try to finish a gift for some friends who just welcomed their new daughter over the weekend.

Such is life.


Anonymous said...

kids are like roaches. they can carry all sorts of illnesses. whenever i'm around one for more than an hour i end up with either a cold or the runs.

Susan Carrier said...

I feel the same way about the sticky sweet butter cream frosting. It's not a birthday without it. And I always hope that noone will notice that the white piping on the bottom of the cake is missing!