Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day +369

The sore throat showed up late to the party this morning. I'm taking it as a sign that the infection is making one last grasp for control. The cough syrup makes me very sleepy, but it takes care of the cough which I'm sure Chris is grateful for. I cough like a machine gun in my sleep and it usually wakes everyone up. This, I inherited from my dad.

I had to run a few essential errands today and I tried to keep every one's exposure to me at a bare minimum. Every one I know always picks up a vicious infection whenever they're around kids for even a short period of time. I figured that I'd play it safe and assume that I was as deadly as a two year old.

Squeeze had her follow-up appointment at the vet school today and I'm happy to report that her blood cultures came back more or less normal. Her kidney levels were a little elevated, but they always come back that way. The vet said that she was as normal as could be expected considering her age. Poor guy had to handle her after she had a very explosive bout of diarrhea in her carrier on the way to the office. I was so flustered because of it and worried about her and worried that I wasn't supposed to be exposed to such things because of oocysts and other fun toxicities. I managed to dispose of her puppy pad without getting any bacterial delight on myself and Greg was kind enough to clean her up, as well as her carrier.

Unfortunately, the vets weren't able to get a urine specimen from her because as they said, her bladder is the size of a walnut and there was nothing in it. Of course, she made a bee line for the litter box when we got home to relieve her tiny bladder. I'll have to bring her back in next week so that they can try again. They just want to be sure that they took care of the bladder infection. There's a chance that the bacteria can get into her kidneys which would complicate a lot of things. Poor girl, I know how it feels. She's sleeping on the couch, immersed in tiny kitty dreams.

Aside from a nap, that was the extent of my day. I managed to finish knitting my gift and will put the finishing touches on it tomorrow. After that, Chris is in charge of logistics.

Tomorrow is our fourth wedding anniversary and I'm bummed that I've been sidelined by this yucky thing. However, I am eternally grateful that I got another year with the love of my life.

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Nancy said...

Hey Ann & Chris. Happy Anniversary!!! You two have been through so much... please enjoy your special day. (Remember where you were last year at this time...?) You've come a long way, baby!!! I hope you feel better soon. love, n