Monday, June 30, 2008


Day 4 of my captivity:

WBC: 19.1 K/UL (4.0-11.0)
RBC: 3.77 M/UL (4.00-5.50)
HMG: 11.7 G/DL (12.0-16.0)
PLT: 295 K/UL (140-440)

With numbers like these, what can I say? My white blood cell count is high and it's made quite a jump from yesterday. My red blood cell count and hemoglobin count are falling. I'm just stating the obvious.

Dr. Anderlini made an appearance today and judging by his behavior, I must have smelled like manure. He couldn't get out of my room fast enough which was puzzling. He told me that Dr. Kebriaie would be out of town until next week, but they were in constant communication with her about me. He also informed me that the reason for me being admitted to the hospital was so that I could get a dose of Rituxan while she was away. I'm taking this to mean that if she'd been in town, I would have just gone to see her in clinic, etc.

The CT scan that I've been fasting for all morning has been canceled. Dr. Anderlini informed me that I'd be doing it as an outpatient. He paused long enough to give Chris a chance to ask a question. Chris asked him if he thought this could be EBV to which he replied, "I don't know." He also said something to the effect that it wouldn't be worth running any other tests today and that Dr. Kebriaei felt that with my history of PTLD that it would be a good idea to start Rituxan before the EBV test comes back. It would seem that the guys in the ER didn't run that test, so we'll have to wait until sometime next week for the results from today's blood draw.

I've signed the consent forms and am just waiting for the Rituxan. I've concluded that the sooner I get it, the sooner I can break out of this joint. I don't know if they'll pre-medicate me or just let me have it straight. The first time I got a dose of it I ran a fever and had severe chills.

Chris just came in with a copy of my differential counts. I'm showing 14% blasts. We're waiting for the doctors to come back and talk to us.

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Anonymous said...

What about the closing? Is that postponed? This is all really crappy.