Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby Cells - 1 Bacteria - 0

Day +383

WBC 9.2 K/uL
RBC 4.14 M/uL
HGB 12.9 G/dL
PLT 723 K/uL (!!!)
ANC 7.2 K/uL

The little "Jet Li" cord (aka DUC 8676) has thoroughly and completely kicked the butt of the bacterial infection Ann picked up around the start of the month. Ann's cough, which was pretty rough a week or so ago, has all but completely disappeared. Color me relieved.

The prevailing theory that the baby stem cells overreacted to the infection seems to be supported by her platelet numbers. 723 K/uL is a huge amount of platelets considering the normal range is about 150 to 350. Even that fits with the "overreaction" theory, because you need lots of platelets to plug all the holes that activated neutrophils make when they leave the blood stream and enter tissue. Our local doctor thinks that her white count and platelets will continue to normalize as the baby stem cells "relax" from their first encounter with a bacterial infection.

Bottom line is we just saw Ann's new immune system react like it should. Albeit more vigourously than expected, but normally. So all in all good news.

We close on our new house at the end of the month, which is another huge step on the road to reclaiming our lives again. I can't begin to tell you how much we are looking forward to it. We even bought a fridge this weekend.


Nancy said...

Those baby stem cells sure know how to get the job done! Thanks for posting your counts right away. I'm always waiting to hear the news. Congrats on closing your house at the end of the month. That's very exciting and I know you are ready to resume your life together! Buying a refrig is a good sign of good times to come!
Life awaits!!! Enjoy... love, nance

Anonymous said...

Post some photos and location and decription of the house! Inquiring minds want to know.

Wiley said...

Delighted to hear it! Keep up the good work, baby stem cells! You've earned a "normal" life.