Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day +393

We spent 2 hours and 45 minutes at the doctor's office trying to coordinate information. My local doctor does rounds at a local hospital in the afternoons, so his nurse had to page him in order to find out what he wanted to do with me. Let me just say that I feel really well and I'm not displaying the symptoms that I did previously with leukemia and PTLD.

Here are my numbers:

WBC: 11.5 k/uL
RBC: 4.7 M/uL
PLT: 453 k/uL
HGB: 14.7 G/dL
ANC: 8.6 k/uL
LNC: 2.2 k/uL

While we were waiting to hear back from Dr. Bienvenu, Dr. Kebriaei called Chris on his cell to find out what was going on. Chris filled her in, then handed her over to my nurse for a quick consult. Without being able to see me in person, Dr. Kebriaei wasn't able to definitively say what was going on. She asked the nurse to perform a few more physical checks, but I didn't have any other outward symptoms, save for the small lymph node in front of my ear. GiGi did find that my throat was just slightly red, but that was probably due to the amazing amounts of post nasal drip that I've been having this week.

A differential chemistry hadn't been ordered and when Dr. Kebriaei asked that it be done, it was too late in the day. So, she asked that I be scheduled for an appointment with Dr. Bienvenu tomorrow and that a chemistry be pulled. She's most particularly interested in my LDH numbers since this was the first indicator of PTLD last time.

I almost forgot to mention that my weight is down from the beginning of the month. I started out at 150lbs and now weigh 144lbs even though I've been eating like a champ. My appetite is excellent and I've actually been eating more than I normally do.

For tonight, the diagnosis is unknown. I feel fine, for whatever it's worth. I predict a very busy day tomorrow since there are still utilities to be transferred and I need to make arrangements for an appliance to be delivered to the new place, etc. It's on days like this that I really miss coloring books and recess.

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ml said...

gd 2 see ur blood count doing good.hope the results came back -ve.reading ur blog is inspiring.thanks