Sunday, October 28, 2007

Zippy the wonder slug

I can't remember what day plus it is, so I'll take a little break from that header today. Being out of the hospital has been lovely and I'm really enjoying not pulling a pole replete with bags of medicine behind me. No piercing beeping sounds in the middle of the night to alert me that there's air in my line or that my magnesium has finished.

I'm rediscovering day time TV and it's a magnificent travesty. There are so many bad reality shows on the air that I don't know where to look. I am learning that my life is not nearly "fabulous" enough and I really need a manager to handle my affairs. Could you imagine? My life is complicated enough.

I'm looking forward to my next dose of Rituxan on Tuesday. This appointment still hasn't shown up on my schedule, but the powers that be will make it happen. I'm hopeful that there won't be another CT scan this week. I had a conversation with my doctor and she seemed to think that last weeks CT scan was superfluous. I tend to agree. She explained that it was very difficult to see significant improvement after one week in between treatments. I agreed. She also did something that made me do a spit take. I know she probably had a lot on her mind when she did it, but none the less I had a breathless moment. She called my "complication" lymphoma. That's cancer, not pre-cancer. That would be a side kick for my leukemia. The context that she used it in was to let me know that no lymphoma had shown up in my bone marrow biopsy. I know it was a slip of the tongue, but it made me forget to breathe. After that one misstep, it was back to having a complication and not cancer.

I've been holding the couch down and keeping the cats warm all day. It's an absolutely gorgeous day outside and I truly wish that I could go outside with a cup of coffee and just absorb being around for another day. I haven't heard any expletives bursting forth from the neighbors house, so I'm going to guess that there aren't any major sporting events on the telly today. It's been nice and quiet and I've managed not to scare the pants off of Chris or Dixie today, so I'll count it as a success.

I asked our friend Travis to do something very special for me and he did it. I've been craving a Guinness for months and what could be better with a pint than a medium rare steak? I asked Travis to go have a meal of my choosing and take pictures and he did. That's a friend. I'm sure he would have done it even if he had been a vegetarian. I'm posting the pictures for everyone to enjoy. I especially love the fact that he got steamed vegetables with his steak. I loved it, but Chris looked a bit horrified. Broccoli and cauliflower? Aren't those weeds? People don't really eat those things without hiding them in cheese sauce. Travis, you're a man after my own heart.


Anonymous said...

WOW, that steak looks yummy, me personally would have drank a mich light, can't drink that dark lager stuff! sounds like you are feeling better and i'm sure the kittys are happy that you are there to keep them warm. I will be sending your picture in the mail this week and I hope everyone is doing well.
Always thinking of you,

Carilou said...

I guess the whole "Guiness is good for you slogan" is not applicable to Leukemia. That blows.

Tina said...

was that the Chimes? the new one, i mean... oh how i miss the Chimes.

Paige said...

I hope the kitties are having fun!