Monday, October 29, 2007

Couch potato

Day +153

I really should be packing for our return visit to Houston, but I just don't feel like it. So I'll just ramble aimlessly until I get tired of typing.
Years ago, when I went to LSU the first time around, my friends Tina and Caroline and I would all spend many an afternoon or evening at the Chimes. This is back when the legal drinking age in LA was 18. We'd have a meal and a pint or two and just talk for hours. The reason I'm reminiscing is that Tina was able to pick out the Chimes East from Travis' pictures. I couldn't stop laughing when I realized that the brick floor and cedar siding was classic Chimes.
We'll all have to go and have a pint when the coast is clear.
Things have been quiet all weekend except for a few minutes when some huge trucks stopped in front of the house and started vibrating everything in site. They were using sonar to search for oil and gas. Funny when you think of it.
I can tell that it's time for another treatment. I start to feel a little off a day or two before my next dose of Rituxan. I find that I can't eat as much as right after a dosing. Tuesday will be a late day. My doctor's appointment is at 2 and my treatment is at 4. This means that we'll be staying in Houston overnight. I'll pack enough for a week in the hopes that they don't keep me.
I can't report on anything else, except that I am my dad's girl. Chris informed me that the back of my head is covered in a sheep's pelt. It's very curly and the hair is starting to wave on the top of my head. I know I'm in good company since Susan C. also said that she has a Kewpie do. One of these days I'll remember to post a picture.


Carilou said...

You have an afro?
I miss the Chimes.
The Chimes is delicious. I think you went around the world there, no? And for those reading this comment "Around the World" is not the same as "Around the Block". Ann is not that kind of girl. Even though there is that recent mono virus she got...I am just saying.

Laren said...

Boudin Balls!!!!!!!!
Cheeze fries w/ jalapenos & gravy!
Around the world? (I must've forgot you told me that)
You are truly my hero!

Anonymous said...

Well this Chimes place sounds awsome, if i ever make it up there i will have to check it out. Sounds like you are feeling better than you were a few days ago, thats a good thing! Smart thinking, pack for a week and they won't keep you, don't bring anything and they will keep you. I hope you and Chris are safe and that you are both okay. We are gonna have another litter of puppies any day now, ill send you some pics upon their arrival.
I hope you had a good birthday and may all your hopes and dreams come true!!!!
Talk to ya later,

Tina said...

speaking of mice (rituxan) and vibrations (from the truck)...there was a story in the NY Times Science section recently about a study conducted on mice. turns out that mice exposed to a low buzz lost fat and gained bone. weird....

and where do i sign up?

on a different note, the Chimes is truly a Baton Rouge gem, and I miss the afternoons..ahem..into evenings that the three of us spent there. those were the days...especially since we pretty much all lived in on carlotta aka stumbling distance.

Anonymous said...

Ann, I hope that you like wavy/curly hair. A friend of mine had cancer and when her hair grew back it was wavy/curly - she had stick straight hair before! She was thrilled because she had always wanted curly hair. Another fun side effect was that her eyelashes also came back really thick with a curl. I'd love to see a picture of your hair - I'm sure that it looks adorable on you :)