Thursday, October 4, 2007

Platelets as Refrigerator Art

Day +127

WBC 9.6 K/uL (4.5 - 10.8)
RBC 3.88 M/uL (4.2 - 5.4)
HGB 12.2 g/dL (12.0 - 16.0)
PLT 569 K/uL (150 - 350) - more about this below
ANC 7.2 K/uL (1.5 - 10.0)

OK so today had our "normal" Thursday appointment at the hematologist's office at Mary Bird Perkins. I wasn't expecting this to be a big deal, but it turns out that the LPN from our last visit gave us the wrong day for our appointment. We were actually supposed to be showing up tomorrow, and our presence caused a bit of heart burn. We were told by reception that we would have to wait a long time to see the doctor since because we didn't have an appointment for that day we were being treated like walk-ins. I started to complain about the us being given the wrong day for our appointment, but somehow the receptionist only understood us being angry about having to wait to be seen.

Totally missed the point, but they hauled out the office manager anyway to reassure us of something we were no concerned about to begin with. When I tried to explain what was bugging us again...the wrong appointment and conflicting information from the LPN, I underlined my concerns by stating our confidence in MBP was falling. She looked at me like I just spontaneously grown a second head and "apologized" that a scheduling error was causing us to loose our faith in MBP. If the overall effect sounds like it was thinly veiled sarcasm then your on the same wavelength as me and Ann.

So we waited and eventually did get in to see the hematologist. Who by the way couldn't have been sweeter if he had taken a bath in sugar before he came in. He started off by covering all of Ann's concerns, checking to see if the node had come back, checking her ear and throat. He asked about the ulcer the ENT had found and if a swab was taken. After which he verified it's presence himself. Then he got all of the ENT's information so that he could contact him and share test results. Basically this was a 180 degree turn around from what we experienced Tuesday and this morning from the administrative part of his office.

He also said that Ann's blood work looked great. The jump in WBCs from last weeks 7.8 K/uL to today's 9.6 K/uL is most likely due to the baby stem cells reacting to the virus or whatever is going on in Ann's throat. Her platelets are also unusually high, well above the normal range for healthy adults. However, the doctor did note that a common first reaction to sickness by the human body is to start pumping out platelets en-mass before increasing white blood cell production. So the current platelet value of 569 K/uL isn't anything to worry about. I joke with Ann that the baby stem cells have mastered platelet making and are just cranking them all the while screaming "Look what I did Mom!", in the hope that one or two of them get hung on the fridge. By the way Ann reports that her ear no longer hurts and her throat is feeling much better. However, she has vomited once today due to excessive mucus drainage...yum.

We are getting ready for our trip back to Houston next week for Ann's first follow up with MDA and after that a trip to Maryland and New Jersey/New York. Providing MDA doesn't tell us not to. They gave us the go ahead at the beginning of September, but these little episodes Ann has been having may change their mind. I really hope not though. There are lots of people to see on the trip that we have to say a very heartfelt thank you to.

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