Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Mouse that Roared

D +139

Rituxan is a monoclonal antibody derived from the spleen cells of mice exposed to B-cell cancer, and it comes from the same family of drugs as Rabbit ATG. Just like the rabbit drug, the mouse really packs a wallop!

Rituxan infusion finished up and Ann held up pretty good. She spiked a fever of almost 102 F and had chills so bad they had to give her 4 sets of warm blankets. Her teeth chattered so much that it was necessary to get her to bite down on a tounge depressor to avoid her biting her tongue through or chipped/cracked teeth.

Ann is sleeping Demerol flavored dreams next to my little fold-out cot right now and the nurses pop in ever hour to check her vitals. They assure me Ann is doing "well" (Superman does "good"), and there shouldn't be any complications.

Just found out that the abdominal CT Scan has been rescheduled to 1st thing in the morning. Hopefully the radiologist will have his report ready before the attending physician and transplant team make their rounds.

I think I'm gonna stay up tonight and watch Ann sleep.


Tina said...

It's amazing to think about where some of our medicines come from. I've had medicine from the ovaries of chinese gerbils coursing through me. : ) weird stuff.

Love you both lots. Chris, you are doing such a great job being there for Bananie.

Hopefully see you both soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ann and Chris,
You are both so strong and there for each other, I think that is just amazing. Hopefully thay can figure out whts going on and this new RAT medicine will fix it. My thoughts are always with you both, and everybody is rooting for you! Hey Ann, could you knit me some cute booties that looklike spongebob, Hey, at least i don't want an SUV. I really hope you guys can make you trips soon, Cindy and I are looking forward to you and Chris visiting. Take care, stay strong, and we are all pulling for you both. Talk to you soon.

carilou said...

Um...that photo kinda makes me want to puke. Did Ann put that up there so we could really get an idea of how she's feeling?