Saturday, October 27, 2007


Friday left a lot to be desired.

For the first time since I started treatment in January, I have been non-compliant. I was released from the hospital after 1pm and Chris was kind enough to vote with me in going back to BR. I know this went against every warning firing in his big engineer's brain. He did it to make me happy and that was a very great birthday gift. Dr. Anderlini released me from the hospital with the provision that we stay in Houston until after my clinic visit on Tuesday. Couldn't do it. Hospitals and Hotels aren't exactly known for "cleanliness".

It took over 9 hours to drive from Houston to Baton Rouge. Nightmare. Chris had me drive which was a nice change. We made it to the Whiskey Bay bridge and everything stopped. It took 3 hours to move 5 miles. Cars were turning the shoulder into a third lane and weaving in and out of traffic. To the cowboy that nearly took off my front end with his Mercedes, I hope it was worth getting to Grosse Tete a few minutes sooner. I know I felt better.

There was a horrible accident involving 18 wheelers and 6 cars. By the time we passed the scene of the accident, there was nothing to be seen. 5 miles down the road traffic stopped again because an 18 wheeler was broken down in the left lane. I can't remember how long that took to clear because I was half asleep driving. When we got into Baton Rouge, there was another traffic jam for no discernible reason. We finally made it to Dixie's around 11pm.

My PICC line is causing a little concern today. One of the lumens was blocked when Chris tried to flush it. He was all set to pack us off to Houston when he called the ATC at MDA. They advised him to clamp it off and wait until Tuesday since we'd be coming in anyway. It's hard to remember not to keep my left arm bent. It makes my arm ache if I forget.

I've been warned that I will continue to be plagued by naseau and vomitting in addition to diarrhea. I can attest to this. I did vomit Thursday night. I just woke up feeling hot and uncomfortable. The next thing I knew, I was sick. The doctor chalked it up to my dinner choices. I've also been advised that I will continue to have problems for months after my treatment finishes. Apparently, my poor GI tract will need some time to recover from all of the kookie little squatters taking up residence.

My Baloney is crawling all around me as I write which alerts me to the fact that I've been remiss as a cat parent. How dare I stop petting her long enough to do something else. I'm off to placate the cream colored beast. Or am I? Chris just showed up with a lunchable, so I'm just so much furniture. :)


Anonymous said...

Hello Ann and Chris,
Well it sounds like you managed to escape the prison for a while, this is a good thing. Hopefully the sick feeling with lighten up soon and you can start feeling a little better, I hope so, I think you have both payed your dues, its time to feel better! When you make it down here, I am going to take yall out to dinner or something.
I hope youare both feling okay and doing well!
You are always in my thoughts!!
Talk to you soon!

pj said...

Let's hear it for non-compliance! I actually ate a forbidden food for breakfast yesterday: a non-processed bagel purchase in (horrors!) a bagel shop.