Friday, October 12, 2007


D +135


Ann got her endoscope today and the preliminary results look normal. Biopsies were taken from different points along her GI tract and those are being sent to the lab for analysis. However, there were no visual signs of GVHD or anything else out of the ordinary.

We got to meet with Dr. Kebrieai today and discussed this whole situation with her. Like us she suspected GVHD but, I get the feeling that she has changed her mind. When we got back to the room she had a lab tech waiting for us so she could draw blood for the micro biology lab.

Not sure what the draw was for but Dr. Kebrieai did mention earlier checking for Clostridium difficle as a possible source of Ann's tummy trouble. However, you don't need a blood sample to check for it. C. diff is basically a normally harmless bacterium that is found in the GI tract where it helps in digestion. However, given the right chance it can grow out of control and start producing toxins in the intestines which lead to cramping and diarrhea. According to what research I have done, it is the one of the most common infection picked up while in the hospital.

Lastly I don't want anyone to get the impression we are in peril here or Ann is on the verge of going into the ICU. She is miserable, irritated, and frustrated but no-one has given us any impression that we are even approaching a anything near or like a real crisis.

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