Friday, October 12, 2007


Day +135

WBC 4.1 K/uL
RBC 2.59 M/uL
HGB 8.3 G/DL
PLT 323 K/uL
ANC 2.47 K/uL

Third day in the hospital and not much has changed. Ann is still running low grade fevers and they tend to happen in the morning and at night. Low grade is defined as below 37.8 C or 100.4 F. She is still having problems eating and can't hold much of anything down. She wants to eat but 1 or two bites of anything results in either uncomfortable swelling of her abdomen, a rush to the bath room with diarrhea or both.

Ann has been on a 24 hour IV drip of Zosyn and Cipro since we got here and they have been growing cultures taken from her nose, blood, etc, to see if there are any bacterial or viral bugs involved in this. As of yesterday all the bacterial cultures were negative. Meaning nothing of substantial note grew in the petery dishes. That rules out bacterial agents.

Viral is a different matter. In transplant patients there are a small list of viruses that commonly cause this type of trouble. Most of them are members of the Herpesviridea taxon. However viruses take much longer to culture so the jury is out on there possible involvement until next week.

Apart from growing cultures the only other way to find out what is going on inside Ann is to "look". Thats done with a endoscope and we where supposed to get to see the gastroenterologist yesterday to get that done. However, MDA is a big place with lots of patients so they got over full and we got bumped until later today. My hope is that they will be able to tell what is going on from visual inspection and will not have to biopsy anything. If they do then we will have to wait until sometime next week until the labs here finish analyzing it.

More later.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann and Chris -

I've been thinking about you all a lot lately, and I'm sorry to see you're back in the hospital, Ann.

I initially heard about your fight when keeping up on Laurie Smith Anderson's (Baton Rouge Advocate) battle with colon cancer. I am so moved at what a brave, strong woman you are. I do hope you will write a book once you're back to your hold self!

You are a true hero, and I know you know that you are very lucky to be married to such a wonderful man.

You are both in my prayers,
Melissa McConnell
Ashburn, Virginia

carilou said...

Well this "wait and see" business is hard for us to hear about. I can only imagine the agony the two of you are in. Thinking of y'all. This is just crummy.