Thursday, October 25, 2007

A little something we missed

Day +149

It's Thursday and I'm still in the hospital. Dr. Anderlini hinted at me being discharged on Friday, pending today's CT scan results. Where have I heard all of this before?

I got a copy of yesterday's CT scan results and they are a bit confusing. The pathologist used a CT scan from January as my base line, which is a little strange, since I showed no tumors, etc. They included the CT scan from last week and this is what I'm going to use for comparison. There is no "significant" change in the lymphnodes. I'm told that this is good because they didn't get any larger. I'll accept that. Here's what we missed last time. There were several small masses in my liver. I don't know how we missed this on the last report, but we did. This time around, there were several small masses in my liver. They all measured smaller than a centimeter, which doesn't reassure me, because they're in my liver. Whatever the case may be, I will cope. Dr. Anderlini didn't make mention of them, so I didn't know to ask before he fled the room.

I have an appointment on Tuesday to get chemo in my spine and brain. Fog soup, here I come. There is absolutely no cognitive functioning for a week after this. Wednesday, I have a clinic visit with my transplant doctor. I'm sure that I'll have a host of questions. My first being, is the Rituxan working to your satisfaction? I'm okay if I have to have more chemo and if that doesn't work, there is a gene therapy that Baylor is working on. My doctors have already consulted with them just in case I need it.

I wish that I had more to report. I've finished coloring a few more pictures and the knitting is moving right along. There are a few mistake stitches that I was too lazy to pull out and re-do. I know I'll regret this later, but for now I'm dealing with my imperfections. I did manage to eat an entire sandwich for lunch today and I haven't vomitted yet. There is something very satisfying about bacon and bread. I'll keep everyone posted as I learn things. Cross your fingers that I get sprung tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

i would really think if the places in your liver were of much concerned by the doctor he would of said something. several people i know have masses on their livers.....and the doctors really have not done anything about it (other than to watch it) or really that concerned about it in those particular cases...hopefully it is nothing to worry about either with you. sounds like things are heading in the right direction again!!!! just keep it that way! Have a Wonderful day!!!! :) Lisa

Carilou said...

The imperfections in your knitting are what make it. In all the rugs made in the far east they are meticulous about adding a flaw to make the point that only God is perfect and not humans. So there.

Paige said...

Happy Birthday, Ann! I know Chris will make it a great one even though it's not the ideal setting. I'm so glad to hear things are getting better. I love you guys!

pj said...

Ann, someday I'd like to read your unexpurgated take on what's happening to you. I guess it's best to keep your posts pithy. That's what I strive for--don't want to overly alarm the readership. You are a great spin doctor, and I'm know there's a job waiting for you as the next White House Press Secretary. In the next administration, of course.

Anonymous said...

Ann, In honor of your birthday, here it goes:
mimimimimi (okay now I'm ready!)


Trust me, having me "sing" to you here is much less painful than listening to be actually sing! Just ask anyone in my family :)

Cindy Nelson

Anonymous said...

Well I guess I should say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN!!!! I wish you happiness, health, wealth, love, you know all the mushy stuff. I hope you are feeling better, Chris stay strong, you are awsome! Make the most of every day, thats what you have taught me, SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Always thinking of you both,