Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yet another long Saturday

This morning I packed enough snacks to carry us through a full day and I'm glad that I did. Although our first appointment wasn't until 8:45am, we elected to get to the clinic at 7:30am just to give the labs enough time to process my blood. My lab review was set for 9am and we were pretty sure, based on prior experience, that the labs wouldn't be able to achieve a fifteen minute turn around. They did not disappoint.

My CBC showed up around 11am and it was quite the jump from Thursday. My wbc was 6.1, anc: 4.27, plt: 56, rbc:3.21, hgb: 10. Since there were 8% blasts in my differential Thursday, a white blood cell count of 6.1 was a little alarming. Since the differential wasn't ready at the same time as the cbc, we elected to wait for it. It showed up a little after noon with no blasts found. Hooray! As usual, Dr. Thomas was right about blasts being present because of marrow regeneration. As a result of my numbers, I don't have to have neupogen shots for the next little while. Although they really aren't a big deal, it gets tiresome to have little red dots appear at every injection site. It always makes me do a double take, because I forget that they're there.

As per usual, my magnesium was low, so I had to take home an intermate. Let me once again say how thankful I am that they're portable.

So, in a nutshell, all is well. Sunday is an off day, so I'm really looking forward to sleeping in. Monday, we hit the ground running, again.


Nancy said...

That's reason to celebrate!!! No blasts!!! Have a great day off... you have a big week ahead of you! love, n

Teresa Boos said...

Hi, Ann

I found you through Lea. She and I share many of our joys and struggles with one another. I was dx with AML in July of 2006 and had a BMT on Dec. 5, 2006. My donor is from Germany and I will meet her this year.

As one of my doctors once said, this journey is more like a marathon than a sprint. Slow and steady we go.

No Fear!
2 Tim 1:7

Anonymous said...


CONGRATS on Saturday with NO BLASTS. That is huge (or none) depending on perspective.

You go girlie and I continue to be blown away with you and Chris.

How did you spend Sunday? Resting probably for today? How were today's labs? You have a whole buncha people out here you have never met rooting you on.
xo-Lea Morrison

runnerwrites said...

Hi Ann
We corresponded once before after PJ put us in touch. I'm the one recovering from my second allo. (I previously had an auto and relapsed a little more than 3 years later.) I wanted to thank you and Chris for pointing out that blasts can be due to bone marrow regeneration. I never knew that, and I live in fear of seeing blasts on the print-out of my counts. Thankfully, I haven't had any since going back into remission a year ago, but now I am forewarned that I do not have to keel over if they pop up. Good luck going forward. I'll check back in again and feel free to ask my anything about second allo transplant.

runnerwrites said...
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