Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It rained off and on yesterday and there was a bit of wind early in the morning, but no hurricane. I know officials were just playing it safe and with all that has happened in the last few years, I can't blame them. The bonus for the guys who work the out patient clinics is that they got an extra day off and didn't have to navigate the roads in yucky weather. I can't lie, I always enjoyed an extra day off due to inclement weather.

I spent the day knitting and trying to finish up one last baby gift. Last night, I was working on a very mindless piece and forgot to put in button holes which means I'll either have to pull it apart and do it again--it only took a few hours--or I'll have to figure something out. I'm thinking that I'll be doing the latter, since I was bored out of my mind the entire time I was knitting. After I sew up all of the pieces and attach the buttons, I'll get a baby project break. I promised the next project recipient that I would wait until she could tell me what sex I'd be knitting for. It wouldn't do to use up my stash of pink yarn for a little boy.

I'm off to get ready for the day's appointments. It's Chris's turn to blog, so we'll see if I can persuade him to do so this afternoon.


Susan C said...

I hope that one day soon you'll post a photo of your knitting. I'm a sucker for the cute little baby stuff.

Ann said...

I promise to post something after the recipient receive's it. Oops, I almost said what it was. Right now I'm bogged down in trying to figure out how to sew some of it together. :)