Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Playing catch up

I've been a little under the weather, so the blog has suffered as a result. Here's a little play by play to let you all know what's been going on.

I've been having allergy issues for the last few days and they started to manifest as sever sinus headaches. Sunday found me mostly prone due to migraine-like headaches compounded by congestion. I have to believe that the crazy weather fronts have contributed to my misery. If I wasn't sleeping, I was wishing for unconsciousness. The day culminated in projectile vomiting. It was no fun for me and certainly no fun for Chris. On the bright side, my sinus headache abated for a few hours.

Before my relapse, I was taking claritin-D to help with my newly acquired allergies. Since the relapse, I've been all over the board fluctuating between acquired allergies and the original ones that I was born with. As a result, I'm in a constant state of drainage and pressure. It is a very bizarre place to inhabit. I'm a little paranoid about self medicating, so I've been avoiding taking anything that hasn't been approved by my doctors for relief. Since it was a weekend, I decided to tough it out. The whole paranoia thing has to do with artificially elevating my counts. I'm so close to the transplant, I don't want to blow it by taking something that would affect my liver enzymes, etc.

I just had a blood draw on Monday, so it was a very short day at MDA. As soon as we got back to the apartment, my head started throbbing, so I got prone. I managed not to throw up, but the day was a total loss, since I ended up sleeping for most of it.

Today I got the okay to take claritin, so life was much more enjoyable. Turns out I was worried about nothing.

There was a bone marrow biopsy on the agenda today and I'm happy to report that the preliminary results only showed 1% blasts in my marrow. That's well within the normal range. All of my other numbers were also good. My white blood cell count is the same as it was Saturday and my red blood cell count and hemoglobin are holding close to where they were. Platelets are above 50 which means my CVC procedure is still on for Thursday. Hello central line, goodbye picc.

So far everything is going really well and I'm on track to get transplanted on the 5th. How crazy is that? The last transplant was such a struggle and now it seems like things are moving warp speed. I'll be holding my breath figuratively until the big day.


Nancy said...

Thank goodness it's only allergies. Stay healthy so you stay on schedule. Things are moving fast and I know all about holding ones breath. I finally exhaled after the bags of marrow entered my hospital room!

Rest up my dear. I hope your headaches and nausea subside!

Thank you again for sending me the wonderful gift. I was so surprised!I'm still enjoying and savoring them. : )

love, nancy

Anonymous said...


UGH, your weekend sounded tough but I am so happy you are getting some relief today and Sept. 5th is right around the corner! Those new cells are gonna love your marrow- I just know it. Great news on the blasts at 1%!

Susan C said...

I was so happy to get an update. I start to worry when I don't hear for a couple of days.

You poor thing! Migraines and nausea are the worst. I'm glad you finally found relief.

Ronni Gordon said...

I think you'll keep moving much more easily through the second. Maybe our bodies recognize it the second time and don't put up as much of a fuss as the first time. Sorry I inadvertently deleted my last comment. I'm not sure what I did to make it go away. I'll keep checking in and thanks for your comment about counts.