Thursday, August 7, 2008

I had clinic early this morning and everything was fine, so I'm writing this from the comfort of my hospital bed. I'm currently being hydrated in preparation for some yummy chemo. I'll be having a shortened round due to my pending transplant. Dr. Thomas surprised me by saying something to the effect that it could be in three weeks. That's really soon when I stop to think about it.

Last year we were in a protracted fight with my employer and insurance company about whether they would pay for my first transplant. I ended up having five rounds of chemo while we played ring around the posy. That's five months of waiting. Now I'm being told three to four weeks. What a difference a year and being unemployed makes. :)

All jokes aside, I'm happy to be getting round two. It makes me feel like we're really moving forward. It's going to be a late night since I'm getting three different chemo drugs. L-asparaginase, methotrexate, and vincristine. It's ironic that I only realized today that the neuropathy in my hands had receded from the ring fingers of both hands. Crazy. The vincristine will reverse that in short order.

Depending on who the rounding physician is, it may be a very early morning. I'll chalk tonight up to getting back into the rhythm of hospital living. The highpoint is that this should be a short stay and there's nothing wrong with that.


pj said...

Sounds like you're on the Transplant Express. I hope this round is manageable. xxoo

Tina said...

great news and am sure a huge relief there is no insurance battle this time. maybe that chunk of stress removed will give you turbo healing.

three weeks away!!?? are you gonna be a boy or a girl this time? and i guess you'll have another b-day? this one'll be much closer to your original. .

Tina said...
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Jennifer said...

Good luck on this journey Ann and Chris. I really hope this is an uneventful transplant. You do not need anymore excitement in your life right now.
Go on and fight this beast.

Jennifer aka Clanc from LLS