Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm very happy to report that I managed to get admitted around 11am. There were no available rooms on the BMT floor, so I was placed on the leukemia floor and will be moved as soon as a bed upstairs becomes available. I'm also very pleased to report that I haven't been hooked up to an IV pole yet. Hospital vets can tell you what a pain it is to drag that thing around with you, especially when it's potty time. Too many lines to get tangled and they're all connected to you.

I've been given a starter dose (6 pills) of dilantin, which is an anti-seizure drug ahead of receiving chemo. I'll get a smaller dose in a few hours and then at 7pm I'll get my first dose of fludarabine and then an hour after that I'll get busulfan. The rounding transplant doctor reassured us that I'm still on track to get the transplant on 9/5.

That's all I have to report for now.


Lea Morrison said...

I am happy to hear you are not "hooked up" yet to the IV. Somehow, that seems more liberating although I know we all need it to get everything in!

Let us know when you are in your BMT room. Sept 5th those new cells will come in a fighting!
You are doing GREAT- I know you will be sleepy soon but the updates are really wonderful.

Ronni Gordon said...

Glad you got admitted. All that waiting and wondering sure sounds stressful. I think sometimes the pre-admission jitters, especially if there are logistical problems, can be so draining that once you get in your room, you can almost relax a little more and "go with the flow" of being treated. Hope they're helping by giving you one of my favorite drugs, Ativan.'re well on your way to having a new new birthday!

Susan C said...

So glad to hear that you're settled in at MD Inn-derson.

I like Ativan too, Ronni. It's the only thing that really works for me for nausea and puts me right out.

Anonymous said...

helo ann

glad that finally you are admitted. hope everything will resolve soon (the rooms etc).

i hate to say it as this is your second time heading for BMT, but i hope and pray that this gonna be the second and the last BMT you've ever had. and that you to get well soon.

keep up the good fight, to both you and chris.