Friday, August 29, 2008

Admission delayed

This morning, while I was flossing, I either lost part of a filling or broke off part of a tooth. All I know is that I was removing some floss when I heard a pinging sound that turned out to be a dental fragment hitting the porcelain sink and falling down the drain. Previous experience told me that something had gone horribly wrong. A quick inspection of the newly flossed tooth revealed part of it missing.

Many frantic calls were made to my doctor only to discover that she had taken the day off ahead of the long weekend. My transplant nurse consulted with my PA who didn't think it was a big deal. Right. It wouldn't be a big deal to me either, except I'm scheduled to have massive doses of chemo over the next few days and I have a date with a bone marrow transplant on the fifth. Chris tried getting in touch with the MDA dental clinic only to discover that my Houston dentist has been gone for the last three weeks and won't be back until 9/2. Arghhh!

Chris made a few more calls to my transplant nurse who conferred with the doctor who's covering for Dr. Kebriaei. By way of my nurse, he instructed us that he's sent people to transplant with far worse complaints than mine. Super. All parties involved instructed me to inform the admitting nurse of what's happened to possibly get a consult scheduled with my dentist. Double arghhh!

We followed up all of this delightful advice by heading into MDA to get some labs drawn and have my CVC bandage changed. In a nutshell, the labs went well, but the bandage change hit a small snag. When the nurse changing my dressing removed the original bandage, it tore off some skin. I didn't feel it when it happened, but when she began cleaning the site with alcohol and iodine I started to suspect something. The burning, stinging sensation clued me in. She changed the type of bandage to compensate for this and I'm hopeful that its adhesive and my skin can play well together.

After this little adventure, we headed down to the admissions lobby with all of our loot ready to check in. When we got there we were told that the stem cell clinic hadn't faxed over my orders and that they wouldn't be ready until after 6pm. It was a little after 3:30pm. I told Chris that we might as well head back to the apartment and we were just preparing to do so when the young woman at the admissions desk called out that my papers had just been faxed over.

We settled back in and waited to be processed. Roughly half an hour later someone came out to inform us that there were absolutely no available hospital beds and that my doctor was being paged. Forty-five minutes later we were told that I'd have to come back on Saturday to be admitted. Needless to say, Chris was ready to explode. In his defense, it's been a really stressful day with all of the phone tag and dental drama. When I asked what time I should come in, I was told to call at 9am to get an estimate. Grrrr.

According to my schedule, today was to be devoted to hydration and day two was dedicated to getting busulfan and fludarabine. In the hopes of staying on schedule, I've been hydrating like crazy. I don't know if the transplant will still be on 9/5 or delayed by a day. I'm hoping to know more tomorrow. Until then, I'm going to do my best to relax and hope to get a good night's sleep ahead of what might be another stressful day.


Susan C said...

What a totally frustrating and stressful day!

Hoping tomorrow is easy, breezy and that they say, "Come on down" when you call in at 9 am.

Nancy said...

Ann, I hope all systems are go tomorrow. They're just testing you guys!

Susan, it's funny that you said "come on down." I got several calls this morning by people who saw me on "Price is Right." Apparently, they showed a rerun today. Who knew???

Okay, Ann & Chris breathe deeply. It'll happen. love n