Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm feeling run down from my abbreviated bout of chemo which leads me to believe that it's doing what it's designed to do: seek and destroy. It also feels like my hemoglobin is crashing, so manual labor is out of the question. I'm starting to believe that I will definitely have a transfusion on Thursday to go hand in hand with my outpatient chemo. Of course, every time I think that I'll have to have a transfusion, my hemoglobin is usually a few points above the threshold. Go figure. I'm just an oddball.

My next appointment at MDA is Thursday morning and I suspect that we'll be there all day. All things considered, there are worse things. ;)~


Anonymous said...

hello ann

maybe you dont event have to think about manual labor. just sit back and relax.

hang on there. you are such a good fighter and i pray this will end soon


susan c said...

Hey, if you're feeling up to it, I'd love to see another installment of the "Ann and Chris" show.

Has Chris's beard gone from scruffy to ruffy? Is Ann just as cute as ever as a bald-again?