Monday, August 4, 2008

Good grief

My leukemia doctor's scheduler left me a message today to let me know that the outpatient clinics will be closed tomorrow due to hurricane Edouard. So, I'm rescheduled to see her on Thursday and possibly be admitted for round two. Hence the title of today's post.

I know all things happen for a reason, but toting around a packed suitcase for a week and a half starts to get ridiculous. I'm debating unpacking it and just going in on Thursday with the attitude that I won't be admitted. Reverse psychology. I show up unprepared and am virtually guaranteed a ticket to the show.

On a more positive note, the letter from my insurance company showed up today. Chris dropped off a copy to our transplant business liaison so the ball can start to roll in the right direction. That's when he learned that no testing has been done on the 9/10 donor and that they haven't been contacted yet. It would seem that we were misinformed or maybe misconstrued some information. All of the info we were given was based on some information from last transplant. Now that the letter is in hand, the hospital where the possible donor is can be contacted. At the earliest, we're looking at a four week time line before transplant. That's if all the stars align and everything goes according to plan. I'm thinking it might take a bit longer. That's fine, so long as I stay in remission and continue to do well.

Too many components. It's like having pieces left over after putting flat pack furniture together. Do you go back and read the instructions, or do you just hope that you did a good enough job?

I'm not bummed about it. In fact, I should be rather pleased that I've managed to stay out of the hospital for so long. I'm just ready to move forward so that I can spend the next 40 or 50 years torturing Chris.


Jennifer said...

Here's to finding a suitable match sooner rather!

Good luck and keep fighting this beast

Jennifer aka Clanc

pj said...

I admire your attitude. If the weather's really bad today, you always have your knitting.

Ronni Gordon said...

PJ told me about you so I'm writing to wish you luck with your transplant. I was diagnosed with AML in 2003 and have had two donor transplants. It's amazing how they figure all these things out and lucky for us that the treatments are so advanced. Sounds like you have great support from Chris. I'll check back in and see how you're doing. Feel free to ask me any questions about transplant number two.

Susan C said...

Edouard sure had some nerve threatening to blow into town on your check-in day. I hope he didn't make good on the threat.