Friday, October 31, 2008

It's day +56 and I'm doing my best to be patient. I'm ready for day +100 and the removal of my catheter.

As of now, I still go to clinic three days a week and on my off days, I get hooked up to an IV of magnesium at the apartment. I have a little pump that fits into a shoulder bag along with the bolus. I constantly have to remember to pick it up and move it whenever I get up to do something.

I started physical therapy this week and it was pseudo torture. My lower body is stronger than it was with the last transplant, but my back and upper body are weak. My PT from the last go round commented on how much weaker I was. She was honestly surprised. Chemo can do that to you. My first day of therapy included an evaluation and the second day was abbreviated because I got too worn out to complete the full twelve exercise circuit. I'll build up to it. For now, I'm just sore from the workouts.

My BK symptoms continue to improve and I'm able to sleep for longer intervals at night. There's not much more going on in my world right now. I'll post again in a few days, even if nothing is going on.


Nancy said...

If you ask me, it's all looking good and moving in the right direction!!! So happy you are doing well Ann. I think of you everyday and am always hoping for the best! Keep up the good work. love, n

PJ said...

Nothing going on, aka boring, is good. Keep it boring, please. xo

Jim said...

You are amazing, Ann. I remember this stretch for Dori when she was weak, doing rehab and thinking about normal days. It's gonna happen for you.


Susan C said...

Wow! You're 2/3 of the way to the 100 day mark.

And I know you'll be lifting weights and kicking butt (can I say that?) in no time, just like last year.

Keep up the "boring" posts.