Monday, October 27, 2008

The last specimen I donated to MDA has yet to grow any bacteria. And yet, I still have symptoms. What's a logical girl to do, but assume that its viral? That's not the official word, since those results aren't back, yet.

The culprit may be the BK virus which lurks in everyone's bladder. Why this little critter would want to hang out in a receptacle for the body's waste, I don't know. The symptoms mimic the worst urinary tract infection you've ever had with extra symptoms. There's blood in the urine and you express blood clots through your urethra. Skippy.

There's nothing that you can treat it with. You just have to wait it out. My rounding APN told me I was lucky that I wasn't on steroids, since it would be much worse. Lucky me.

I should know for sure in the next few days, but I'm fairly certain on my own.

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Melinda said...

You're sure it's VK, and not BK virus? I've had BK for over a year- no pain or bleeding, just frequent urination, which is really annoying at night. Doc says the med for it kills your kidneys- or maybe it's your liver- and that it will go away by itself. Sometime this eon.

I don't post much but know that I am following your progress and rooting for you.

Best to Chris as well.

Health and Happiness-

Melinda (aka Miranda from LLS Board)