Sunday, October 19, 2008

I awoke Friday with a low fever and generally feeling run down. I was mildly congested and a little phlegmy. Doing due diligence, I left messages for my clinical APN and transplant doctor. My APN was the first to return my call and after hearing my symptoms, she arranged for us to come into clinic to have a nasal wash and throat swab done.

For those of you who have forgotten what's involved in a nasal swab, let me remind you. While you tilt your head back and hold a nostril closed, a nurse inserts a syringe into your open nostril and injects saline until it starts spilling back out. At this point, while desperately trying not to swallow, you have to blow the saline back into a small container. This is repeated on the unabused nostril and the sample is obtained. Did I mention you have to be wrapped in a towel because it makes a runny mess?

Considering that I had thrown up that morning, I think I handled the throat swab pretty well. The poor nurse looked nervous as she collected the sample. Of course I gagged, but I managed to keep everything down.

A urine sample was also obtained for good measure.

All of the test results should be back by Tuesday. In the mean time, I was prescribed Z-pak and tamiflu which I dutifully started on Friday. Chris was convinced that I'd end up in the hospital because my temperature was hovering around 99.9 F. It's just a short jump to 100.5 F and it happens faster than you know. I've been lucky so far in that my temperature has dropped to between 98.6 F and 99.5. It fluctuates all day long which can be unnerving when you're doing your best to stay out of the hospital.

I'm feeling better than I was on Friday and I'm hopeful that this explains my crazy blood numbers. I'm also looking forward to talking to my APN on Monday to get her take on what's going on. I'll take the flu any day over the worst case scenario.

Thank you to everyone for leaving comments. It's helped me more than you know.


Anonymous said...

Ann, Praying for you, always. Lifting you up to the Lord, always. You are so blessed with such an encouraging and loving husband. May the Lord bless you both and keep you.....always! I know He will. ~A dedicated prayer partner

** SAVE MICHELLE ** said...

I hope that fever stays down. Think icy cool thoughts. I bet this is what is causing funky counts. Thanks for posting I was worried when I saw Chris' twitter. Take care!


Anonymous said...


I ran across this quote and thought of all of us battling this horrific disease.

" I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances." -Martha Washington

Honestly, I think that both of us can beat this beast we just take detours.

Praying hard for you!

Jennifer aka Clanc