Friday, October 24, 2008

I had to go in to clinic to get another dose of amikacin. I can't lie, this stuff makes me feel funky. Last night I woke from a sound sleep vomiting violently. Luckily, I managed to propel myself over to a receptacle before I did too much damage.

My pharmD let me know that the new specimen hasn't grown anything yet, but they were able to see lots of lovely bacteria on a slide. Good times. She also hinted that we might need to extend the amount of time I'm on cipro. I'll do whatever it takes to knock out this infection, but I seriously wish that it would just resolve itself sooner rather than later.

I have the next two days off and plan on watching scary movies with Chris. Monsterfest, here I come!


Jim said...


I hope you are able to rest and get some normal feelings soon. You and Chris remain in our prayers for healing and normalcy.


Renee said...

Hi Ann,

I hope you have started to feel better over the weekend. I am studying for another big round of med school exams which will be Mon & Tues. I have to tell you that you are always so helpful to me (but I wish you would stop it!!) because it seems like something on the blog always relates to what I am learning. This test covers bacteria and antibiotics. There are a lot of them to know! I will remember azithromycin, cirpro, & amikacin for you!! I hope that the lab will figure out what's causing your problems so that you can start feeling better. What virus do they think you may have-if you don't mind my asking? You mentioned one that mainly causes symptoms in immune compromised people. Hope you are enjoying watching scary movies! Studying means so much more when I can see people behind it-people like you whom I will hopefully be able to help one day....not just names of bacteria and medicines typed on pages and pages of notes. Stay strong Ann and thanks for sharing your journey.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ann. Keep up the good work! Cipro is good stuff; I've taken it myself! Keep chugging along!


Anonymous said...

you're brave. i can't watch scary movies. they're too scary. after a good episode of dr. who i have to get stuart to sit on the edge of the tub while i brush my teeth. i'm pathetic.

Susan C said...

Ann, I've been without Internet access for a few days here in Wild Wonderful West Virginia. The first thing I did after checking email was check on you.

I hope the scary movies spook the infections right out of your body!