Thursday, October 23, 2008

After nearly a week of being on cipro, I still have symptoms of my infection. It's not very comfortable and when I spoke to my transplant doctor and pharmD, they both agreed that it was time for an IV antibiotic. I got a dose of amikacin which I'm really hoping takes care of things. My pharmD will be checking in with me tomorrow morning to see if my symptoms have gotten better. If not, then I'll have to go back in and get another dose of amikacin.

There is another theory making the rounds about why I still have symptoms. My doctor is starting to suspect that there may be a virus lurking underneath it all. It's a virus that everyone has that's not harmful to people with a healthy immune system. It's a new one for me and I'm hopeful that it's not causing me problems. New specimens were drawn and we'll know next week.


Anonymous said...

ARGH for not feeling better but obviously you are in great hands and they are not just letting the infection be. You will figure out the root of this and feel better!

Keep on going!!! You are doing great-

Jennifer said...

"It's always something"
Gilda Radner

Hope the IV antibiotic does the trick. I just started a 14 day regime. I swear they just want to see my smiling face. I have to stop bringing in treat to the Lab personnel.

Have you started peeing orange - just in time for the Halloween season?

Hang in there Ann