Monday, October 13, 2008

Today's clinic visit was fairly routine. I needed a unit of blood due to low hemoglobin, so it was a very long day. The only surprise was that my tacro level was elevated yet again. I have to hold tonight's dose and reduce my daily dose to 1mg a day. Crazy, but it's two less pills to take.

I have tomorrow off and as of right now, nothing else to report.


Nancy said...

That's good news. You are doing so well. Congrats Ann. I'm taking more tacro than you now. Continue to take it easy and have a nice day off. love you lots, n

Jennifer said...

Glad today was uneventful although long. Have you gotten the Tacro shakes? I couldn't even button my shirt my hands shook so badly.

Hope tomorrow is uneventful also

Susan C said...

I love when you have "nothing else to report," Ann. That's great.

Eager to hear how Chris's CT scan went.

Anonymous said...

Boring blog entries are the best kind. Thinking of you my dear friend!