Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm posting from Chris's computer, so it's going to look like it's from him. It's Ann, I promise.

My symptoms seem to have resolved and I'm feeling much more comfortable. I'm hoping to be able to get off the medications that I was prescribed to help with the symptoms. It's just one more pill.

Things are quiet and I don't have much more to report. I have clinic tomorrow and last week's test results should be in.


Anonymous said...

Just stopping in to say Hello, and that I check in on you each time you post. Hope you get good results on your tests from last week.
Claire in TX

Anonymous said...

I just liked this and thought you would too- Lea

What can you do when there seems to be no hope? You can keep

What's the best option when you feel like giving up? The
best option is to keep going.

How can you respond when circumstances are acting against
you? The most effective response is to continue working your
way forward no matter what other factors may be present.

All that you know is based on past experience, and yet the
future does not equal the past. For right now you can take
action to determine that future and to change the way things
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Though it can be easy to give up, remember this. When you're
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If you feel like giving up, then you have nothing to lose
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Ralph Marston

Anonymous said...

My second favorite posts from y'all are the ones that say "nothing new to report"; I know it sounds horrible but the boring ones put my mind at ease the most. My very favorite ones are the ones that say, "I'm feeling better". So this was a good double entry.
Thought about you on Friday and about that awesome Halloween we had on Carlotta where you dressed up as a one night stand and I was Carol Burnett.

Tina said...

That halloween on Carlotta was so fun! You know they have to get permits and make it legitimate now! crazy. what was i that year...i can hardly remember...hula girl or something dumb.

wiley said...

Ann, I love it when you have nothing new to report. Not only does it mean "no bad news," it also means the sort of quiet and ordinary days you and Chris deserve. Those are the ones we keep praying for and hoping for you! Keep up the good work, get well, come to see us.