Saturday, November 22, 2008

I had to wait 24 hours before laying eyes on the incision left over from my biopsy, and to be perfectly honest I had a bit of trepidation. The bandage was a piece of tegaderm stretched over a piece of gauze which caused me to hold my neck at a strange angle due to placement. I wasn't sure if it was the bandage or the incision causing so much discomfort, hence part of my anxiety.

When Chris peeled the bandage off I had instant relief from the pressure in my neck and shoulder. When he didn't recoil in horror, I suspected that I didn't have anything to really worry about. The incision is a little over a centimeter long and placed just above my shoulder blade on my neck. It really only looks like a flesh wound and shouldn't leave a scar.


Nancy said...

Hey Ann, Glad the biopsy went smoothly. We'll keep our fingers crossed for excellent results. Take care and let Chris spoil you!

Wishing you both a wonderful Thanksgiving. After all, we have so much to be thankful for!!

love ya, nancy

Jim said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Ann and Chris. You remain in our constant thoughts and prayers.