Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Special Election Update

Day +59

Posted below are Ann's current counts and trends (counts in blue and trends in red). As you can see the UTI/BK Virus that has been bothering her seems to be letting up. Her WBC count and ANC have (I think) started to trend downward. What's more is that she is symptom free and hasn’t had any low grade fevers for over a week now.

OK, OK, I know normal people look at graphs and your eyes go all-crossed, but for me there is a certain serenity in seeing the world in a nice organized and easy to understand chart. I guess I could dissect each of these for you and give my conclusions for them, but it really all boils down to the same thing. Ann's graft is healthy and doing what it is supposed to do...which is make blood cells, and lots of them but not faster than a healthy human should be able to.

I would like to say I'm particularly interested in the ALC (Absolute Lymphocyte Count ) Chart, because it shows that this graft is doing something the "Jet Li" Umbilical Cord never did very well, which is make lymphocytes. Those are important, because unlike neutrophils, which primarilly respond to bacterial and inflammatory processes, lymphocytes are the portion of the immune system that tell good cells from bad. If anything is going to waste any remaining leukemic cells in Ann's marrow then these are the guys that are going to do it. Still, time is going to have to tell if they will recognize the monster for what it is.

In other news, Ann has been doing physical therapy and I took some pics of her rocking out on her ipod while sweating her butt off. She's a little shakier than the first transplant, but just as determined to get out of here. Enjoy :)

So today is a historic occasion and I hope everyone out there went out and did, or is going to do their civic duty. Take a moment to reconsider the candidates....
I don't think anyone could argue with Conan's position on the war on terror, which he aptly summed up when he accepted his nomination,
"crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentation of their women"
However he shocked his base by choosing the "folksy" and less seasoned Swap Thing as his running mate. Who can forget the horrible interview Swamp Thing gave to Katie Couric, when he was asked about foreign policy which turned into a stumbling diatribe on Putin flying over the swamp, then osmosis and finally the importance of photosynthesis. Then there are the Tina Fey skits on SNL...less said about them the better. I think it's fair to say that many are not yet convinced that Swamp Thing is ready to assume to role of commander in chief should Conan be killed by Thulsa Doom and his snake cult.

On the other hand we have Admiral Ackbar and Jar Jar Binks. Ackbar has had to weather something of a scandal for the last couple of months because he continues to use the formal title "Admiral" even though he resigned the New Republic Navy shortly after the destruction of the second Death Star. Several have commented that Ackbar's curriculum vitae is paper-thin and he has not offered a concrete way to "change" course. He also appears to be slighlty jumpy, more than once he has blurted out, "IT'S A TRAP!" when surpised by a question from the press.

However, Ackbar's shortcomings pale in compareison to his running mate, whom he allegedly chose because of his years as an incumbant in the Galactic Senate in the gerrymandered seat from Naboo. Senator Binks is described in a vairiety of ways, " the gift that keeps on giving" by the opposition, "mildly amusing ... quickly annoying" by the press, and finally "the guy that almost killed the franchise" by the voting public. There is wide spread speculation that he has suffered a serious and non-operable brain injury as a child.

But despite your candidate and party...get out there and vote.


Susan C said...

Chris, I totally relate to the comfort of graphs. And I love an engineer with a sense of humor.

Jennifer said...

OK I will freely admit, I have no idea what Chris wrote except that you, Ann, are symptom and fever free and that's all that matters!

Anonymous said...

This is great great news. Baton Rouge here you come-Be Blessed-


Anonymous said...

Ann, you look great! I have not seen a pic of you on your blog in a while. It was so nice to see you on the blog today. So glad the fevers have subsided! It is wonderful to hear that the graft is doing so well too! Thinking of you!
-Jeannette Hill

Dixie said...

Thanks Chris, I was hoping for a pic of Ann -

PJ said...

Thanks for the entertaining post! I love graphs, love the photo of Ann pumping iron, and love love your election analysis.