Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just a quick update to let everyone know what's going on.

My transplant APN called today to let us know that I have an appointment to be evaluated tomorrow for a liver biopsy. If that goes well, then I'll have the actual biopsy on Thursday. I've been warned that it will be a long two days.

I'll post more about what the procedure involves after I learn more tomorrow. It's been roughly described to me, but until I know more, I don't want to freak anyone out.

The steroids continue to do their job for my other GvHD symptoms. My joints feel less stiff and the spotty patch of skin on my calf continues to improve. My only complaint is that the steroids fuel my appetite and I'm eating like crazy. It's also still keeping me up. I have a prescription for ativan to help me sleep and I'm using it judiciously. It manages to put me to sleep, but I always pop awake a few hours later, unable to go back to sleep.

It's only been 11 days since I started taking steroids, but my glucose levels remain manageable and I've only had to give myself an average of one insulin shot a day. It's not so bad, but I have to remember to space my meals out so I don't spike my numbers. It means that I have to snack on a schedule. Such is life.


Anonymous said...

I was the same on Ativan and steroids as far as it working for a few hours and then around 2AM I was up looking for a feeding:)!

Keep us updated with the liver biopsy. I know they are done but have no idea "how".

You are doing GREAT- keep on going girlie!

Susan C said...

It all sounds SO exhausting, Ann. I hope that you're at least enjoying the eating experience with your Prednisone-induced appetite.

Good luck with the liver biopsy.

Tina said...

when i had to take steroids i was a little snack monster, and spray cheese was it's name-o. the steroids really did make my appetite soar. mine came in the form of late night snacking.

It's good though that you have an appetite, it wasn't all that long ago when you couldn't keep much down.

Anonymous said...

Ativan never put me to sleep. Now I take Vistaril, also labeled Atarax and is available in a generic. It will enable you to sleep for a full 8 hours at 20mg. I take it 2-3 hours before bedtime. The best part, its not addictive! Request it!