Monday, November 24, 2008

I've been bored this weekend--more so than normal, and whenever this happens my brain starts to turn strange things over. I could have occupied my time with any number of activities like knitting that baby gift for my friend Heather. (I keep promising myself it will be started and finished before the baby gets here.) I have a book that I picked up to read during transplant on the recommendation of another patient's blog. The spine isn't even creased from being opened. I expressed an interest in learning Vietnamese right before transplant number 2 and fabulous husband that he is, Chris surprised me with a computer program promising fluency in a matter of weeks. Slacker that I am, I've only done 2 lessons and can fluently say cat, dog, and airplane. I'm fluent in a few other phrases involving food, drink, and profanity, but I learned those growing up in a bi-cultural household.

So what did I do all weekend? I honestly couldn't tell you that I did anything physically taxing, but I did do a lot of thinking. Nothing terribly deep, I promise.

I've been obsessing over something for weeks and I can't keep it to myself any longer. Three days a week, I go into ambulatory treatment to get an IV infusion of magnesium and an anti-fungal medicine. A few weeks ago I was in one of the restrooms and noticed something strange in the trashcan. I know it's a bathroom, so one's definition of strange waste could be anything. It was an oatmeal raisin cookie wrapper. You've seen them in vending machines in all of their purple and white glory with a small illustration of a rosy cheeked grandmother offering a tray of sweets. My first thought was, "Who eats in the bathroom?" Then I dismissed myself for being silly. Of course someone just tossed the wrapper in as they were walking by.

Now I'm convinced that someone is eating cookies in the bathrooms. I've found wrappers in every bathroom over the course of a few weeks. No, I am not rooting through trash for evidence or making excuses to go potty. SOMEONE IS EATING COOKIES IN THE BATHROOM! Who goes into a public restroom and cannot wait to rip into a snack? How low must your blood sugar be that you can't wait to step into the hall to have a bite? What is this person thinking? It's driving me insane. Is someone a closet eater? Are they hiding a dirty little secret? Could they find a better hiding place for their habit? Am I just being weird in that I object to consuming food in any bathroom?

Told you I was bored.

In other news, my liver biopsy results are back. The preliminary findings point toward injury related to medication I was taking. The unofficial official word is that it's not GvHD of the liver. It's unofficial because a panel of pathologists has to review the evidence and sign off on it, but my doctor is pleased. So am I. My liver enzymes continue to fall closer to normal levels, so I'm headed in the right direction.

I had physical therapy today and my PT is trying something new. I'm doing progressive sets of exercises rather than repetitive sets. This means that the difficulty of the exercise increases with each subsequent set. Let's just say she handed me my flat heinie. It kicked my butt, but in a good way. I look forward to being sore tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


I could not read post transplant. All of those meds made my attention span not so great. You are healing and that is something impressove.

So happy that the liver numbers are going down and you have some answers!

The cookies in the bathroom is hysterical. Please continue to update us on your investigation!

Susan C said...

I've heard of closet eaters, but never stall eaters. That's just gross. Or maybe someone's just using the bathroom trash to clean out her purse.

I'm back to Pilates classes, and I just love the feeling of being sore the next day. I'm hoping Pilates will do something about my flat heinie.

So glad the liver problem isn't GVHD.

Ronni Gordon said...

Hi Ann,
Glad that you're focusing on the cookie mystery and on your exercises -- sounds like a sign of healing that your mind can wander over to something else. Ditto Lea and Ann on the liver biopy: glad that the results are pointing in a good direction.

Nancy said...

Hi Ann,
Great news on the liver biopsy and the enzyme levels decreasing. I couldn't be happier for you.

The cookie mystery is something that would also bother me. You are not alone. I wish I could go to Texas and see it for myself... now look who's bored! I think somebody's not allowed to have junk food and uses the bathroom to eat so his/her caregiver won't know. If you truly are bored, you should stake out the bathroom... ewwww... I didn't just say that!

You and Chris have a fantastic Thanksgiving. There's so much to be thankful for! love ya, nancy

PJ said...

Great news on the liver. Now you can start bugging them about getting out of Dodge. Personally, I think the bathroom trash investigation says it all--you need a change of scenery!!!!