Thursday, November 27, 2008


My magnesium levels fell again, today. I went in for my weekly infusion of IVIG in addition to my daily IV anti-fungal and was pleasantly surprised when I was told that I wouldn't be getting magnesium. That held true for all of an hour when my lab results came back and I was woefully short of normal. What would have been a three hour day turned into a six hour day. We had to wait for the pharmacy to make the IV up, then we had to wait while it infused.

I know I can take more oral magnesium. I know I'm capable of swallowing the pills, but do you know what 10,000mg of magnesium does to your digestive system? I'm going to sit tight and plow ahead and hope that my system just hasn't managed to accrue the magnesium. If I'm still deficient when I go back on Monday, I'll woman up and take more magnesium. Until then, the three year old in me is sticking her tongue out and sulking in the corner.


PJ said...

Where has all that magnesium gone, or should I even ask? Is it a delicate balancing act, whereby too much means immediate excretion and zero absorption? If anyone can swallow all those pills, it's you, but egads girl, this is extreme.

Keep your chin up. You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness- 10,000mg is A LOT of magnesium! I love the mag protein and could not handle the mag oxide myself but the mag oxide is about 3 times as powerful as the mag protein. More bang for your buck but I guess 10,000 mg of mag would RUIN my digestive track as well.
I hope you have good books to read on the potty:)!
You are a STAR!!!!

Ronni Gordon said...


You and I are getting quite a bit of use out of that word these days. Hang in there. At least these are "just" inconveniences and not the big thing.

Susan C said...

The thought of swallowing 10,000 mg worth of anything is just a little too much to digest after all the stuffing and wine I just consumed.

Hope you got to eat something tasty today.

Nancy said...

Ann... so much magnesium!!! Shall I send you a bottle of mag w/protein so you can ask your doc about it? It works! It works! It really does. I was having the same problem until I switched to mag w/protein.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
Thinking of you always! nancy

Jim said...


I agree that's a lot of magnesium. I remember all the magnesium Dori took and all the extra-long days in clinic because of it. Not much to add to your well-expressed frustration, except I agree you might ask why so much. Hang in there ... Maybe they'll give out a magnesium medal to add to your Medal of Honor.

Anonymous said...

my daughter Lyndsay was also taking mag with protein. She was able to stop taking them last week. Today is her +day 72 and doing well, they also dropped her steroids from 80 mg. a day to 70mg. so we'll see Tues. at the infusion center and an appt. with her transplant Dr. how she is doing.We moved here to San Diego to be close to the hospital for a year, her transplant team is at UCSD Moores Cancer Center and UCSD Thornton Cancer Hospital. Thank you for your blog it has really helped us going through transplants at almost the same time. Blessimgs to you and Chris, Lisa

Anonymous said...

The magnesium thing definately sucks. But tell me something...from a liver biopsy can they tell how many times you overdid the liquid fun as a college student. And how many of those drinks are of the embarassing sort (like a shot of anything whose color is only in the 64 box of crayons, or a wine cooler, or a zima?)

If so, you must really be embarassed today.